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Just when you thought that Labour couldn’t get much worse along comes Phil Twyford, their Spokesthingy on Housing galloping to the rescue with his quite bizarre notion that landlords shouldn’t be able to specify ‘no pets’ and that tenants should be able to carry out ‘modifications’ to the dwelling as of right and without having to seek permission of the owner.

Don’t know what planet Mr Twyford comes from but it sure ain’t Planet Earth.   With his background as a ‘journo’ and Union organiser  (funny that) and as the Director of Oxfam he demonstrates his absolute ignorance of business and the realities of the housing market.

Just why any landlord would want to offer up ‘his’ house to a tenant who could then proceed to modify it as he/she saw fit without reference to the owner sure beats the hell outa me.   That, along with having to agree to the tenant having pets when you didn’t, would surely cause responsible landlords to exit the market, reducing the numbers of rental stock, and pushing prices up.   A huge own goal by Twyford which demonstrates yet again how unfriendly Labour is to business.

Some two decades ago I owned a rental property in a complex close to Eden Park.   Good location and individual off-street tenant parking.   I can say with some certainty and from bitter experience that you go into the landlord game with the deck stacked against you.   What you want are good tenants who respect your property.    It doesn’t just happen … you have to work on it.   My solution which worked a treat.   If the rent was say $200/week  I put 10% of that into a special account in the tenants name.   If the rent was paid on time and if the property suffered no damage beyond reasonable wear and tear then I paid that sum over to the tenant at he conclusion of the tenancy.   At regular intervals I gave the tenant a print-out showing how his nest-egg had grown.    Worked a charm for both me and the tenant.

Clearly Mr Twyford is devoid of real life experiences and it shows.


Written by The Veteran

March 1, 2016 at 7:58 am

Posted in New Zealand

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