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When Tony Abbott was fighting for his political survival as Federal Prime Minister and suffering death by a thousand cuts from the lefty faction headed by Malcolm Turnbull he almost died in a ditch going to bat for the seriously entitled Bronwyn Bishop who was already creating an aura of hatred as Speaker in what was a Last Hurrah after nearly three decades in Canberra.
The dopey bitch called for a taxpayer funded Helicopter to ride a short distance to a Liberal Party fundraiser, a journey that by car was under an hour. Abbott in one of many miscalculations in his security of tenure gave her 110% support as the vultures scented blood , mainy Abbott’s, who lost a lot of blood.

When the chips fell for Tony’s last spin of the roulette wheel in the leadership challenge from Turnbull, guess who cast her lot in with the panic button pushing, pants wetting bunch of retards.
Well the cow got her beans on Monday when she failed to gain preselection for the Sydney blue ribbon seat of McKellar.

In allied troubles for the Coalition that will almost certainly go down after a single term on the Treasury Benches to another truly awful bastard in Bill Shorten, it just gets worse.
Turnbull and his bunch of traitors, who having closely observed the chaos of six years of revolving door Labor politics, first under  the sequin adorned narcissist Kevin (for 07) Rudd then a very wounded Union hack, Julia Gillard who was herself dumped for a twilight encore from KRudd.
Alas when Abbott finally delivered  a significant victory for the coalition, all that massive turn off for voters  was totally ignored as far as lessons to be learned and absorbed.
In a electorate seat only, albeit with a single transferable vote, system, Abbott’s win should have delivered a two term government as a minimum but after two and a half years of dysfunction and factional infighting that only Labor had seemed adept at, Turnbull is heading for a disaster that will make what Abbott threatened as electoral damage, pale into insignificance.
To be fair, although winning well in the House, Tony Abbott was facing a blunt instrument of obstruction from a Senate. Almost equally divided between the Greens and Labour and The Liberal National coalition, the Senate was in the hands of eight “cross bench members, some dropouts from main parties but a bunch of tyros three of whom parachuted into the very centre of legislative power on the coat tails of ex Liberal Party member and serious  Abbott hater, Clive Palmer.
Palmer who won the Queensland federal seat of Fairfax in the lower house after spending an eye watering sum of money mined from his controlled Queensland Nickel company, managed to bring into the Senate, an ex Rugby League Prop Glen Lazarus,  an Airhead from Tasmania Jackie Lambie and a Mr Wang from WA who in cahoots with a Petrol head from SA, Ricky Muir who came out of left field  in the absolute  mess of porridge that is Senate list elections, this bunch in the total thrall of Palmer managed to assist the GP/ Labor bloc to stymie everything Abbott tried to achieve. That said  Abbott outfit’s efforts to massage anything through the upper house were tawdry at best and they failed almost totally.

Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun has a photo montage of the Liberal Party traitors and as of Sunday 25% of them have either been forced out at preselection or have had their careers severely dented and the list is growing.
Not yet known is how many of the Pants Wetters who went for Turnbull, including  The ten who switched at the last moment to get the dry lefty over the line,  will still lose their sinecure with what is increasingly looking like a total reversal at the ballot box now brought forward by months,  in what is increasingly appearing as a “double dissolution”  in July. The other problem for Turnbull and his bunch of the Damned is they have handed their opponents a very long campaign with the polls all going in the wrong direction
Remember when  a very drunk Muldoon called for his inevitable demise in a winter election that saw Lange get his big chance.

” Those who choose to ignore the lessons of history are bound to repeat them” !


Written by Gravedodger

April 19, 2016 at 1:40 am

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