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Guessing Game

Now that the dust has settled over Mr Assad’s Sarin storage facility, a few cautious observations and a guess or two..

  1. I wonder if Mr Putin could put sixty or so cruise missiles onto a target half way around the world, with pin point accuracy at short notice.  I doubt it.
  2. I wonder what Mr Assad thinks about Putin’s much vaunted state of the art air defense system?  He’ll ask for his money back.
  3. I wonder what will the next move be?  

I see the US has an aircraft carrier strike group patrolling in the South China Sea.  So my guess is during the next two weeks, the little fat Nork will fire off another ICBM in the direction of the USA upon which the US Navy with shoot the bloody thing down over international waters.  Trump will call the missile launch an act of war and China will quietly close the fat Nork down.

Looking behind the obvious it appears Mr Putin’s military does quite well against civilian aircraft from Malaysia but when it’s time for the real deal one has to wonder if they would simply fail.

Is Putin all piss and no wind, just like Saddam?.

Written by adolffinkensen

April 9, 2017 at 11:05 pm

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