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Fresh on the back of another weak performance in the House where he was skewered by Judith Collins and forced to admit the only Kiwibuild houses we are likely to see in the next little while are those the government intends purchasing from private developers.

That translates to a net increase of housing over and above that planned and built by private enterprise as zip, zero, nothing.

Campaign rhetoric doesn’t easily translate into results.    Twyford is increasingly looking like a possum caught in the headlights and wondering what to do next.

So, what did he do … well to divert attention from his failings in housing he put his Minister of Transport hat on and joined Shane Jones in taking pot shots at Air New Zealand for doing what it is mandated by the Companies Act to do.

Look Phil … you are the Minister.   The answers within your governments gift.   Buy back Air New Zealand (as you did KiwiRail) and turn it into an SOE.    Then and in accordance with the public policy imperative you can direct it to fly into where-ever, what-ever number of times per day/week and all will be well perhaps … or not.     All you need to do is to convince your Finance Minister to stump up with the several billions of dollars needed to purchase the company and accept a reduced dividend.

I wish you well (cough); the balls in your (and Shane’s) court and not with Air New Zealand.


Written by The Veteran

March 23, 2018 at 10:44 pm

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