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Today’s Australian carries a couple of interesting headlines.

New Zealand blocks holidaying refugees coming from Nauru


Nauru claims refugees are trying to return

The first headline is self explanatory while the second refers to forty or so of the many illegal immigrants resettled in the USA who find life in the States is too tough and want to return to their concentration camp on Nauru Island.  Apparently you have to work for a living in the US.

Nauru - Day 3

(pic stolen from The Australian)

A few weeks ago Adolf sat through a Sunday sermon delivered by a highly educated woman with a pommy accent who told the congregation Australia is running a concentration camp in Nauru.

Some concentration camp.   
Inmates can go on holiday whenever they please, run businesses in the local towns and have their children sent to Australia for medical treatment, the latter paid for by Australian tax payers.
The Anglican Church needs to have a good hard look at the impostors it admits to its pulpits.


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November 16, 2018 at 12:04 am

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