No Minister


that the Prime Minister wakes up every morning cursing the names of Karel Sroubek and Ian Lees-Galloway in about equal proportions.

The omin-shambles the affair has become has cast a shadow over ‘her’ government reflected in the latest opinion polls with the Speaker coming under intense scrutiny over the last few days with his running of interference for both her and the Deputy Prime Minister.

The suspension of Bridges from Question Time this afternoon and the subsequent walkout by National is indicative of the temperature on both sides of the House caused principally by the doubling-down of the support given Lees-Galloway by Ardern and Peters.

This wouldn’t have happened under Prime Ministers Clark, Key and English.   IL-G would have been DCM long before now if it hadn’t been for Curran and Whaitiri.   He can thank his lucky stars that Jacinda Ardern blinked and backed-off but, in doing so, she handed National a BIG club with spikes on to beat her over the head with.

Written by The Veteran

December 5, 2018 at 4:34 am

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