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Die MSM, Die – The Covington Kids

Even as the New York Slimes continues to go down the toilet in terms of being credible, let alone truthful, it pays to look back a few months to show how the MSM has at least stayed on message.

Which brings us back to the Covington Clusterfuck of 2019.

WARNING: This photo may be faked!

Every year, there’s a huge anti-abortion march in D.C. The March for Life. This year it pulled between 100-200,000 people, which is typical. It gets almost zero coverage from the MSM.

But on this day they found a story involving people who’d attended the protest that they had to cover.

White Supremacist Racists.

And Trump of course. A twofer!

That’s always been the real secret of The Narrative; you hide what hurts it and report what helps it.

In this case the story to hide is that abortion, fifty years after Roe v Wade, still splits the US population about fifty:fifty, with the proportions swinging from solid support for 1st trimester abortions to low support for 3rd trimester and almost zero for partial birth abortions. That split includes millions of woman voters and that knowledge can hurt the Democrat Party and the US Left, who try to pretend that it’s only men opposed to abortion and that the debate is all over, bar a few Christian Fundamentalist nutters.

Whereas Racism, despite being overused, still has some theoretical power to help the Democrats. And the only racism that matters is White Racism, as every journalist graduate knows from reading selected chunks of White Fragility, Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, and Critical Race Theory: An Introduction, or being surrounded by people who have.

No Eagle Worship Here

So when a small strange group called the Black Hebrew Israelites began abusing a small group of Native American protestors with stuff like this…

“You’re not supposed to worship eagles, buffalos, rams, all types of animals,”“you’re not an Indian. Indian means ‘savage.’”“Uncle Tomahawks.”

… that was not a story.

And when the same group turned their attentions to abusing the schoolboys…

“You little dirty-ass crackers. Your day coming. Your day coming…”“Yeah, ’cause I will stick my foot in your little ass”

… that was not a story.

There’s even one part where these Catholic boys boo the Black Hebrews in response to them unloading some nasty, abusive shit about gays and lesbians. Obviously Catholic teaching has fallen away a lot; being gay is a sin, so according to the Left these kids should probably have linked arms with the Black Hebrews and started shouting “Burn the Sodomites”! But they did the opposite and…

… that was not a story.

But finally, after one of the Black Hebrews, deflecting from an argument he’s losing with members of the Native Americans, points to the kids and says..

“It’s because of these… bastards over there, wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.”

That’s when “Native American Elder” Nathan Phillips, finally chose to turn his attention to the kids, whereupon he wades into their midst banging his toy drum.

Now that’s a story!

Thus runs the mighty beat of the 21st century MSM’s Narrative, which also happens to be the Left’s message. Funny that!

…. one teenager wearing a Maga hat can be seen standing in front of Phillips and staring into his face while smiling – The Guardian

Videos circulating online show a youth staring at and standing extremely close to an elderly Native American who was singing and playing a drum – Snopes

“His stupid, smirking face seemed to symbolize everything wrong with America right now.” – Katie Herzog, Salon

Oh my god. Standing extremely close... while smiling!! What an asshole. Fucking typical White Male Teenager. Smiling Smirking While White!

And not just smirking at anybody but at an Elderly, Native American, Activist, Vietnam Vet. How cruel.

Even in the original, heavily edited video I noted the fact that the kid does not say anything at all while the old prick is the one who aggressively gets right in his Gen Z face with all the singing and the drumming, plus his friends with cameras. Quite the little Alpha Male Power display.

Why it’s as if he was hoping for some angry pushing and shoving back so he could play the victim, as usual. But the youth are wise to that shite nowadays after seeing it on TV for years.

Interviewing both sides of a protest story used to be a basic function of reporting. But not now. The MSM simply leveraged off the video images and interviews with Phillips, and then it turned into a cascade of relying on eachother’s outraged opinions to get even more spun up.

Journalist Reza Aslan tweeted “Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?” A writer for Saturday Night Live offered oral sex for anyone who managed to punch one of the kids in the face. Trevor Noah let these school kids know that not only did “everyone” want to punch these boys out, but he did too.

Adults talking about harming children. I thought that was a bad thing? Except for kids wearing MAGA hats apparently. Also this, from some oaf named Laura Wagner:

“If you wanted to compress the history of relations between the powerful and the powerless in America, or the dynamics of the current moment, into a single image, you couldn’t do much better than to present a white teen in a maga hat, surrounded by a screaming horde of his peers, smirking into the face of an old Native American man.”

Oh, I’m quite sure I could do better, based on any number of other single images, and I’m not even a journalist or Leftie!

Bryan Maygers – remember that name

No reporters asked the kids for their views on what happened until much later. That would have distorted the narrative of White Supremacy, and we can’t have that when Leftists have a US Presidential election to win in 2020.

The kids school was closed for a day while security was arranged because they received death threats.

The main kid, who turned out to be a 16 year old named Nick Sandmann, finally got interviewed by NBC, which was a waste of time judging by the interviewer:

“There’s something aggressive about standing there. Standing your ground. You both stood your ground.”

Actually no, and a real reporter would have tried to go beyond the original video edited by the activists themselves. As it turned out, Phillips voluntarily walked up to Sandmann and got within a few inches of his face – while beating a drum. That’s moving towards someone to invade their space, both physical and aural. Sandman chose to give an uncomfortable teenage “don’t hit me” smile: an evil, disrespectful smirk, loaded with white-boy privilege and racist bile.

The key point here is that the MSM Narrative was already written – in this case, Disrespect, Bad White Person – which by a total coincidence just happened to be the Activists message too. There was nothing Sandman could have done to change that:

  • An unsmiling face – “aggressive”.
  • Laughing at Phillips – “disrespect”.
  • Turning his face away – “disrespect”.
  • Telling Phillips to go away? – “disrespect – probably also racist!”.
  • Walking away – “disrespect”. And Phillips would just have followed him, beating the drum, or pulled the same stunt on another boy.
And it worked. So pervasive is the Left’s propaganda technique of making people feel guilty over everything so they can be manipulated into doing what the Left wants, that even the people running the boys Catholic school swallowed the bullshit:

… wringing their hands and rushing to condemn the boys minutes after the original video went viral. Like the journos, they did not bother to investigate or even wait a few hours for the truth to emerge. They simply assumed the boys’ guilt because the mighty mainstream media said so, and then hastily went public to apologize for something that never happened, assuring liberal critics that they, too, considered the youths—their own students, parishioners, and co-religionists—to be deserving of grievous sanctions.

I wonder what the parents of those kids must have thought as they got thrown to the wolves? They may as well have sent them to a public school if the only teaching they get is the same “principles” and “standards”, taught by the same sort of useless, brain-washed, spineless assholes. If you want to know why millions of Catholics vote for Democrats, this is why. Were I a parent with a kid in that school I’d have pulled them out the next day and told the useless fuckers in charge why I was doing so.
It took about 48 hours but eventually the new media came in to kick the Old Media in the balls: many other videos surfaced, unedited, showing all the Black Hebrew abuse, and Phillips choosing to move into the crowd of kids. It also turned out that his very specific claims to be a “Vietnam Vet” “in theatre” were false: he’d been a Marine Reserve in the US from ’72 to ’76, never left stateside, and was discharged after multiple AWOL’s. An oppressed victim with the boundless guiltlessness of a victim that’s enabled him to be a prick for the rest of his life.


It was also Karma that both Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post laid off a stack of people later that week, including this POS, Bryan Maygers, seen earlier in this piece, rage-mobbing a group of kids.

And 48 hours later he was out on the street on his useless butt! Not just Karma but Instant Karma.

The real question is how do you live in a society with people like this? People who make no bones about destroying you for your opinions, political and otherwise, no matter how powerless and obscure you are.

Sandman’s family launched defamation lawsuits against the likes of the Washington Post, precisely on the grounds that Sandman was not a public figure. But in the land of the 1st Amendment I highly doubt they’ll win.

More than a few on the Right have decided that two can play at this game and they’re going to start collecting scalps by digging into the Social Media history of MSM reporters, which has naturally led to whining about how unfair that is, as noted in The Hill – Liberals haunted by social media tactics they use against the right:

Many journalists are in the profession not to inform the public, but to gain the power to destroy people who question them — and they don’t like those tactics being turned against them. “[U]sing journalistic techniques to target journalists and news organizations … is fundamentally different from the well-established role of the news media in scrutinizing people in positions of power,” the [New York] Times wrote in its article — which was of course labeled “news,” not “opinion.”

And once again, these clowns wonder why they’re not just distrusted but increasingly hated by those “ordinary” people – and why such people voted for Trump.

Written by Tom Hunter

October 13, 2019 at 9:15 pm

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