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Starting 2020 with a Bang

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With some luck we may see something of Auckland’s fireworks tonight, but I doubt it will be as spectacular as the annual Big Sandy Nightshoot near Wikeup in Arizona.

More interesting to me was the following stand at Big Sandy where – for a price – you get a turn controlling a Ball Turret from a B17/B24 bomber with the original twin 50Cal machine guns.

Oh well. Beloved wife and I will see in the 20’s at a friend’s place and abandon our house to the teenagers. If you think this is risky I can assure you that teenagers – at least the crowd we know of – are a very different bunch to what I was like and what I suspect most readers here were like. Online multi-player gaming around the TV seems to be the order of the day – and it’s not even stuff like Halo or Dawn of War!

Written by Tom Hunter

December 31, 2019 at 8:17 am

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