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USA: The Democrat Iowa debacle and Pelosi’s origami (oh – and it’s Impeachment Vote day)

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Following the Democrats’s incredible display of incompetence in the Iowa caucus with their hopeless vote-counting app failing on the night, votes continue to trickle in as the work is done by paper.

Not that you’d know this by looking at the Iowa Democrats website, which at the time of writing still shows no results when you hit the Caucus Results button!!! It’s got to be up soon.

Meantime, here’s the website results:

Panic time for the Democrat Party. Sanders will likely win the next Primary in New Hampshire (NH), as he did four years ago. It borders the state of Vermont, which has been Bernie’s home for decades.

Meantime, nobody expects Buttigieg to do all that well in New Hampshire, let alone in the states beyond that, such as Nevada and South Carolina. That was where Creepy Joe was supposed to hit his stride and …. it’s not happening; look at the dates of these NH polls:

The result being that one of the elder statesmen of the Democrat Party, James Carville – a key player in Bill Clinton’s success in the 1990’s and a Democrat with his feet on the ground and a Southern Accent – is hitting the panic button, as he contemplates the Corbynisation of the US Democrat Party.

But when you’re a leading, powerful Democrat politician, who cares about such mundane things when there’s paper to be ripped up on live TV, just to show how very, very angry you are for not getting your own way.

That’s twice in one week we’ve seen powerful woman dressed in white losing their sense of occasion and acting out in foot-stamping ways that reflect badly on them and their own institutions.

Mairead McGuinness, Irish MEP & EU VP | Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker

Trump is a petulant man and refused to shake Pelosi’s hand after handing her a copy of his speech, and Pelosi reacted at the end by tearing up a copy of his speech.

I get that these two people hate eachother’s guts, just loath eachother, and I suppose in our modern world it’s a mark of honesty that this hatred is out in the open, rather than being covered by polite, traditional gestures, especially when it’s an accurate reflection of the rest of the USA, which is more partisan than I can ever recall in my lifetime.

But I still find it a little depressing. It’s not exactly Gladstone vs. Disraeli material is it? Two political men who also loathed eachother passionately but who allowed good manners to cover it in public.

This by contrast is rather like two divorced parents who can’t stop their private war from exploding in front of the rest of the family.

Still, I’ll take the war rather than the polite squishiness. Although Pelosi and Trump don’t know it,  large forces and ideas – of which they are mere representatives – are increasingly in mutually exclusive conflict and the results matter. We may not want to call it a war, but it is.

And I need more popcorn.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 5, 2020 at 8:01 pm

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