No Minister


There is a very good post over at Bowalley Road here regarding the intention of the government to introduce legislation providing for restrictions on the freedom of speech prior to the election.    Chris Trotter sees that as a sure fire election loser.   The political ‘right’ will have a field day.

More interesting perhaps is that, in doing so, the government has clearly told Winston to shove it.    The legislation will be an anathema to the rapidly dwindling NZ First constituency.    Clearly Labour has taken notice of the cloud hanging over NZ First and faced them down.   Winston blinked … ‘they’ can’t go feral.   Turkeys don’t vote for an early Xmas.

Twill be interesting to see if the Greens, having been previously humiliated by Winston First on the policy front, now grow a set of gonads and push back too.    There’s only so much of the ‘battered wife’ syndrome that any self respecting Party can ensure.

Happy daze.

Written by The Veteran

February 24, 2020 at 9:52 pm

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