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Simon Bridges threatens Australians with bringing a knife to the gun fight

I know I keep writing posts about the lack of ethics that Simon Bridges models as leader of the National Party, but the prick just keeps on giving us such excellent examples of what an ethics-free zone he is.

The latest one is described in this Stuff article:

The National Party says it will explore tough new laws to deport Australians who are convicted of serious crimes in New Zealand.

Leaving aside the not-insignificant fact that we already have laws allowing us to deport ethnic Australians who commit serious crimes here, my interest is in the thinking involved with this plan.

Australia has for years now followed a policy of deporting ethnic NZers who commit crimes or fail some amorphous “good character” test.  In most cases these are people who’ve grown up in Australia and call it home, and in some cases people who have no memories of NZ at all and no family they know here.  It’s a sick, racist policy, not that that should be a surprise given the nature of the people running Australia at the moment.  It’s also caused a massive spike in gang activity here in NZ as these supposed “New Zealanders” who are in effect Australians form attachments with each other, having no attachments with anyone else in NZ.

Simon Bridges’ response to Australia’s sick, racist practice of deporting ethnic NZ criminals with no connections to NZ is to propose that we replicate the policy here and deport ethnic Australian criminals to Australia.  There are some very obvious issues with that:

1. If your response to appalling behaviour from someone is to replicate that behaviour and blame them for it, you really need to have a think about your ethical standards.

2. NZ has spent years pointing out that this policy is morally wrong and a disgrace to Australia.  If NZ now adopts the same policy, it would expose the NZ government as hypocrites and remove any capacity for us to continue presenting the policy as morally wrong and a disgrace to Australia.

3. There are 10 times as many ethnic NZers living in Australia as there are ethnic Australians living in NZ, and Australia’s capacity to absorb deportees is five times ours (ie their population is five times larger than NZ’s).  Simon Bridges’ “retaliation” against Australia would be like retaliating against an M1 Abrams with your bolt-action rifle.

So this would be a very bad, stupid move for a Bridges-led government to make.  Bridges isn’t stupid, so he presumably knows that.  However, it’s a policy that’s likely to be very popular with the simple-minded, whose morality tends to be of the “eye for an eye” kind. It’s yet another illustration of the ethics-free zone Bridges occupies that he’d promote a policy he knows is a bad one solely for the purpose of attracting malicious simpletons to support National.

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February 24, 2020 at 6:56 pm

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