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Smoking cigars may lead to Coronavirus!

Seriously though, in amongst all the shouting and hoopla about the so-called Coronavirus. Adolf struggles to find any serious analysis or cool-headed assessment of risk.  I would be extremely grateful for direction to such a link.

So far there are disjointed tidbits of information dribbling out.

  • Coronavirus seems to be not much more than a virulent variety of influenza, the latter of which kills tens of thousands of people in the western world every year.
  • Thus far, Coronavirus has not infected anyone younger than fifteen years.
  • Genuine mortality rates are unavailable and likely to be overstated due to under-reporting of the numbers infected.
  • The exact manner in which the virus brings about death is unclear.
In due course the picture will become clearer but I’m inclined to the view this matter is being much distorted and hyped by the usual culprits to suit their political agendas.

Written by adolffinkensen

March 2, 2020 at 2:04 am

Posted in New Zealand

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