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The Lucky Country

Australia, the country of drought, catastrophic fires, poisonous creatures and toxic racist politicians, for some reason refers to itself as “The Lucky Country.”  Having watched Jacinda Ardern’s press conference on COVID-19 measures this afternoon, I think we have a way better claim to the title – it has to be luck we have her as PM, because we sure as hell haven’t done anything to earn the benefits of such great leadership. 

Here’s the press conference. It’s an empty room for the first few minutes, so you have to scroll to find it:

Key could have managed the same level of user-friendliness, but it’s hard to picture him getting Siouxie Wiles’ “flattening the curve” message onto the evening news so successfully, and it’s sure as hell impossible to image any National government taking the protection of Pacific island countries into account in their response measures to the extent this one has.

As for Simon Bridges and his strenuous efforts to put his personal political advantage above the national interest over the last couple of weeks, thank fucking Christ that useless fuck isn’t running things. We wouldn’t want to be the Unlucky Country.

Written by Psycho Milt

March 14, 2020 at 7:31 am

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