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The Police Could be Worse!

Earlier today I included in a comment I made, a link to Stuff with the story of one ex-reporter’s encounter with the NZ Police – Policing the Pandemic:

Damian Christie had a run-in with a police officer while working for an essential business on Friday, day two of the lockdown. The former broadcaster was delivering video equipment to a client’s business, letter in hand to prove he was essential.

So fortunately, like all good little Soviets, he had his papers. But alas, on his way home, a policeman on a motorbike pulled up alongside him and asked what he was doing. Christie said the officer was not satisfied with the answer, saying he should only leave the house for medical supplies.

“He was basically yelling, and I was like, ‘I’ve got a letter’, and he didn’t care. It just sort of shook me.” He said the officer’s interpretation of the rules seemed incorrect and overzealous — what about going to the supermarket?

This should not be surprising, given the comments from on high of Oberst-Gruppenführer Mike “having a little trip to our place” Bush. The article goes on to point out – with the comments of people like law prof Andrew Geddis:

Officers can now enter your home without a warrant to look for gatherings. There’s the power to detain, seemingly indefinitely, if you continue to leave the house without good reason.

Legal and policing experts say that, under this national state of emergency, police powers have been expanded in a way unseen since the 1951 waterfront strikes. And the control over Kiwis – and activities like going for a walk – is broad, discretionary, and so far poorly defined.

Oh well. Could be worse as the following Tweet from the Derbyshire Police in Britain shows:

Screenshot of the drone video

Anybody who has ever owned a dog, especially one larger than a Pekingese, knows they need to be walked regularly. It should not require instructions from above for the Derbyshire cops to apply some common sense.

And you just have to love the use of a drone. Very 21st century one could say – or very 1984ish.

And then there’s the Chinese showing the way, and I note the friendly ties that have been established between the NZ Police and the Chinese Security services in recent years. The following video shows that the Chinese cops have advanced to the stage where they are carrying helmet cameras that can measure body temperatures at a range up to 5m. So if you’re infected – they’ll know.

Come quietly or there will be …… trouble.

A useful tool. Coming to your NZ street soon I would think.

Written by Tom Hunter

March 29, 2020 at 4:21 am

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