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The cracks are beginning to show

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People are beginning to notice that things are not going as well as claimed by our Beloved Leader and her worshippers.

Economist Michael Reddell follows up on his previous piece – Hopeless and Complacent, about the problems with our bureaucratic and politcal leadership – by looking at our choices and decisions which will be made by the same people.

As it is, the government has already failed us.  What other conclusion can we reach when much of the country is in lockdown, officials and ministers are deciding by the hour whose businesses will and won’t survive, with no apparent exit strategy?    There appear to have been alternatives (see Taiwan and South Korea).  It isn’t as if this virus became an issue in New Zealand with no notice –  Taiwan drew it to the attention of the WHO in December, Wuhan was locked down two months before our own lockdown, and so on. 

Far Left mouthpiece, The Daily Blog unloads on both Clark and Faafoi and in doing so reveals the terrible truth:

If the Left lose Jacinda, we are doomed because there is no one and nothing else who could lead within the Caucus or wider movement.

True, although it’s good to see that Clark has obviously been sent home to Dunedin to do the gardening while his Ministry officials get on with the job of running the country. And in the case of Faafoi I’m glad he’s another incompetent, given that Bradbury wants the government to take over Bauer’s publications. To be fair you would likely notice little difference in the coverage of Adern and in any case Bradbury is talking only of elections when he speaks of Adern’s value.

Even eternal Lefty squish Pete George takes notice with, Dominant Ministry of Health, weak Minister – and weak Government.

Is the Minister of Health, David Clark, too weak, letting his Ministry run the show? If so that would also implicate a weak Prime Minister and Government.

Well duh! But he still believes.

There are growing calls for a clear indication from Government as to the plans for the near future in dealing with Covid, and in particular how and when more business activity and work is phased back in before the already substantial negative impact on the economy is too great.

Then there’s the testing stuffups,

Healthcare workers say coronavirus tests are being withheld because of limited supply, despite the prime minister’s insistence clinicians have both the resources and permission to test.

Which are ongoing:

GPs contacted by the Otago Daily Times yesterday said changing governmental criteria defining who could be tested had led to troubling confusion including test material being refused. This was because up to 50% of swabs were being rejected by laboratories for failing to meet the latest guidelines.

Amazingly even the NZ Herald and Stuff are beginning to think there might be problems escaping the clutches of the autistics at the Ministry of Health:

…across the ditch in Australia, the economy has not gone into full lockdown – it is more akin to New Zealand’s so-called Level 3. People ought to socially distance, work from home if possible, and large gatherings are banned. Pubs, hotels and restaurants are closed, as is the border

the Government cannot – and should not – prioritise health considerations, even including deaths, above all else.

As Ele Ludemann puts it in her usual mild way, confusion and disconnection undermine confidence.

And then there’s this from Grant Robertson:

“The New Zealand private sector was robust and strong and full of innovative people coming into covid19, and it will be on the other side.
I think what we have learned out of this is that having a robust public sector is vitally important when you have a crisis like this, and so that will be important.“

Robust? Any system that to survive requires you to lock down everything else is by definition far from being “robust”. In fact that’s the definition of being a weak link.

The same URL gives you a taste of the usual Great Leader worship that goes for most on the Left:

While I have utmost respect for the gentleman and the hellish job (matched only by our own Wonder Woman, Prime Minister Ardern),

Woah. I bet his testicles tightened when he wrote that. Wonder Woman FFS! As I have often said, these are the same people who will tell you earnestly to your face that there’s no way a modern Lenin, Stalin or Mao could arise because the Left would never make that mistake again.


I confess that I don’t know why anybody – outside of the magic circle of the Jacindamaniacs – is surprised by these revelations of weakness and incompetence. The housing fuckup. The child poverty fuckup. The road-building company fuckup, partially corrected only just recently. And that’s before we look at the Ministry most closely associated with this current crisis; several fuckups in a row on vaccines and the like. Clark should have been fired long before now, but let’s face it, who would Jacinda replace him with?

And yet there are many, many New Zealanders who still trust these people after all these management … mistakes. Or, like the Daily Blog clown above, are actually awed by them.

Looking at these CV’s you would not hire any of these people of your own free will, and if the regulations around hiring “special people” were applied you’d reluctantly accept them – as long as you could put them under special supervision.

When you have people who have done nothing in their lives except politics – from teenage university political activist to being a minion in a political office to advisor to an MP or PM, and then finally progressing to the thing itself with votes and elections – it should be no surprise at all that they don’t know what to do and simply cling to the advice of bureaucrats.

The namesake of this blog, the 1980’s British TV comedy Yes Minister, was brilliant in showing all this.

Real work-life experience outside of the political bubble is what teaches people about the limits of “experts”, systems, processes, models, plans and all the people behind them. It teaches you how to manage people and those systems, including asking the right questions and trusting your own management judgement, especially during SHTF moments which hopefully start small before getting larger as one moves along in life.

Those of us who do have that experience saw right through Jacindamania from day one – and especially through the shallow shower that is most of the rest of the Green-Labour-NZ First MP’s from whom Cabinet has been selected.

I’d be willing to bet that few, if any of them, asked any real hard questions of their “experts”; they likely just let the various bureaucrats fight it out in front of them and then went with the consensus result. More likely they just shat themselves when the MOH showed them those models and tens of thousands of deaths.

How else to explain the casual attitude towards so much of this, right up until the last moment when we found ourselves moving from Level 3 to 4 in just 48 hours.

Shallow. Lightweight. Incompetent.

But it’s to be expected. It’s evolution: the natural result that arises from living creatures and natural selection happening inside the artificial environment of politics and bureaucracy. Just in case anybody makes the mistake of thinking I’m being partisan here let me make it clear that National is only a little further back down the path.

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