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Dismissing the Chinese Coronavirus

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I see there has been a recent bout of the usual “Wight-wingers are thupid” accusations, these ones based around early warning of the Chinese Coronavirus: the whole, “they don’t listen to scientists” thing.

So I thought it would be fun, and a timely marker to refer back to, by listing the predictions of just some prominent Lefty politicians and MSM sources from earlier in 2020.

Feb 5
Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer blasts Trump’s “war against immigrants” after Trump shuts down flights between USA and China.

Incidently that January 31 decision by Trump was made at a time when the CDC was assuring us the risk to America was low, the WHO was covering for China, Democrats were trying to impeach the president, and Biden was attacking the decision as xenophobic.

Feb 9
NYC Councillor Mark D Levin is Chair of the city’s Health Committee.

I guess #coronavirus scare was trending.

Feb 10
The NYC Health Commissioner (a doctor FFS).

Feb 24
Nancy Pelosi touring the SF Chinatown district and encouraging people to “come join us“.

March 25.
And finally perhaps the biggest idiot of them all, New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio, promoter of most things communist:

I’d love to get hold of the Tweet from the Mayor of Florence Italy, who in February was encouraging Florencians to go out and hug a Chinese tourist – because the most important thing you could do was prove you weren’t a racist or a xenophobe.
Even if it killed you.
But I think he deleted it. Others were not so smart.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 9, 2020 at 12:03 pm

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