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Capital and Coast Health DHB has found c100 000 Surgical Masks from ten years ago.
No expiry dates apparent and degraded elastic fastenings.

Right up there with the Warehouse containing rotary dial Telephones when the Post and Telegraph from Gliding On era was exposed to reality of the Market that by then wanted push button technology just before first the cordless revolution then that was rapidly swamped by truly mobile technology.

Who remembers those Bricks?

The now substandard Masks will be rebuilt with replacement elastic for use in non acute areas.  I dont think so,  wont that need a committee of experts as I might just wonder if the elastic is perished what is the true condition of the bits that are supposed to prevent infections on both sides of the Masks.

Maybe safest ending for this entirely predictable ballsup might be to a Hollywood studio props dept for when the rerun of The earlier virus threats get attention in maybe another decade or so.

Then again send them (back) to China as they are essential fashion accessories there I am told.

Written by Gravedodger

April 9, 2020 at 2:46 am

Posted in New Zealand

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