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Very little comment in a compliant media about the farming couple from outside Kaikohe driving to town to do their shopping being forcibly stopped and detained at one of Hone Harawira’s inspired roadblocks and forced to call 111 for assistance after having their car door pulled open, their details demanded and their car number-plates photographed.

Rata is now afraid to go shopping and feels ‘marked’ after her number-plates were photographed.   ‘I dare not go out alone anymore … for the first time in our years living at our little farm I locked my doors last night’.

And the response from Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha, the countries top Maori cop.    ‘No persons should be prevented from accessing essential services and Police has engaged with those operating checkpoints and have advised them on the appropriate way of engaging with members of the public’.    There you have it … what a feeking ‘cop’ out.   Officially sanctioned mob rule.    Haumaha would be better occupied sorting out his own family from embezzling funds to help pay for a gambling addiction and getting his own anger management problems towards female employees under control. 

And not a word of reproof from the two Northland Labour MPs, Kelvin Davis (Deputy Labour Party Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau) or Willow Jean Prime (List MP).  Nor from Winston First’s Shane Jones (related to Hone H).

The only one to speak out against this has been Matt King, National’s Northland MP … standing up for right of people to go about their legitimate business without let or hindrance from self appointed vigilantes operating outside of the law with the active connivance of the police.

New Zealand … they way it is … per courtesy of Jacinda Ardern.   

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April 20, 2020 at 4:49 am

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