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Prime Minister – Will You Please Answer The Following Questions For Me

1. Why did you say on the 26 March that 80,000 New Zealanders would die from coronavirus?

2. Why was Health Minister David Clark in Dunedin and not Wellington during Level 4 lockdown?

3. Did you and Grant Robertson send him home because he was incompetent?

4. Or did you and Grant Robertson send him home because you did not want to share the limelight with any other Ministers?

5. Why were our borders so late in closing? We did not go early and we did not go hard with our borders notwithstanding your assertions that we did.

6. Why are you allowing Justice Minister Andrew Little to progress his Prisoners Voting Bill when you said that there was no room for politics while New Zealand was fighting Coronavirus?

7. Why are you condoning and in fact endorsing the illegal road blocks manned by vigilantes in various parts of the country?

8. Do you accept that if a member of the public retaliates at one of these road blocks and blood is spilled that that blood will be on your hands and also on the hands of Police Minister Stuart Nash?

9. Do you have confidence in David Clark as health minister?

10. Do you have confidence in Stuart Nash as Police Minister because of the illegal road blocks and arms control mismanagement?

11. Do you have confidence in Phil Twyford who is threatening councils with funding cuts if the give rates relief to ratepayers?

12. Has Grant Robertson siphoned $40m approx of taxpayers money under cover of the coronavirus lockdown to pay off Fletchers and therefore appease the illegal occupiers of Ihumatao?

13. There is a strong public view that you delayed closing the borders so that you could be front and center of the Mosque Shooting anniversary – despite most Muslims saying they did not want such an event to be held.

14. What is your plan to rejuvenate the New Zealand economy from today?

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April 27, 2020 at 7:08 pm

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