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It is oft repeated: “A week is a long time in politics“.

Yesterday in a few minutes the New National Party leadership ended any realistic, if long-shot, chance of denying the Ardernearly one person-band another three years in government.

Tyro leader Todd Muller folded up his entire integrity and tossed it into the waiting rubbish bin being held by the media pack.

He had a Trump MAGA hat: so what, he also had Killary buttons. So  instead of asking the very first media whore who questioned such a minor blip, do you have a “Che T Shirt”?, the dopy fool said it was all now boxed and hidden away.

I assume his testicles are now in a jar of formalin as well.

That wound became a life threatening blood loss for the now struggling bunch of inept wets who, in a lemming like rush to a cliff top they are still building, compounded that strategic error into a total disaster when challenged on the “diversity” of the post-Bridges shadow line up.

Instead of trumpeting the gender imbalance that even the Melons might agree with, as in three well- regarded-by-others-as-talented humans who were claimed as the female gender,  Nikki Kaye – who I suspect may have been so successful in denying Ardern in Auckland Central by being so far left it was a genuine toss of a penny – then launched an episode of foot-shooting rarely seen live on State TV.

Cripes, even Kelvin ‘the invisible man‘ Davis looked good by comparison.

A media that assisted in the annihilation of of two part-Maori who held the two top positions in the National Party, then went for Mullet’s lineup where the most senior part-bred was at seventeen in Shane Reti. The two dopes then pulled out their now empty pistols and aimed for each others feet in a Keystone Cop routine that made slapstick a returning genre in TV entertainment.

More years ago than I care to remember I was in Gisborne on an Annual Hereford tour where the ensemble were bussed to a valley that, after WW2, was divided up into twenty farms for settling returning soldiers. The Mangatu Corporation had bought back the entire twenty farms and were running an integrated farming operation where one of the farms ran a Hereford Cattle stud to provide genetics for the  enterprise. Another former farm was dedicated as a Romney sheep stud.

During this tour, with what was an impressive bunch of Maori leaders taking control of their recent past without any Waitangi Tribunal BS by just being smart business operators,  I got into a conversation with an older Maori man and asked, amongst other inquiries, if the leadership used the clear-to-me opportunity to advance the youth connected to their tribal group.

His rather startling reply was very brief and to the point, now revealed in the very successful Nhai Tahu setup: “We seek and employ the very best we can discover for each and every position without reference to any qualification other than expertise involved in the job to be done.” Race, gender and any other aspect just did not register in such searches, from shepherds to executives.

The only National MP to emerge from the Mullet “muck dumping in their own driveway”  yesterday was Collins who merely asked if it was a problem, her being “white”?

I have some background that maybe puts some relevance into the bear trap Muller and in particular Ms Kaye lept into as regards Heke Goldsmith.

Around the closing decade last century, in a moment of exasperation at the idiocy contained in the scheduled census was exposed when I came to questions on ethnicity, I put a line through the options and wrote in “I am a native born New Zealander”. That resulted in the claimed secrecy of the data being somewhat compromised when Sir Paul Reeves and others in succeeding years offered me assistance to discover my Iwi, even my Hapu, when the actual facts as far as I know, were that my blood lines consist entirely of Ngati Celt from various areas of Scotland.

So, Mr Heke Goldsmith, if it would be of any assistance, just make it up and then stick to it. You might as well, as in succeeding years with statistics and electoral do-goodercrats,  it is much harder to get out than to get “in”.

I am still regularly offered the “Maori Roll” option while Swmbo is never treated to such taonga and she has Brown eyes???

Written by Gravedodger

May 26, 2020 at 11:54 pm

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