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A Wedding to Remember

I doubt the groom will ever forget their wedding anniversary date now.

Because it’s the 21st century the Beirut explosion was captured live in High Definition video by countless numbers of people using their smart phones, and then uploaded to the Internet to be seen by the whole world within minutes.

Those videos have been extraordinary and enabled people to better feel what past such events must have been like. The most famous os which is probably the Halifax explosion, where a WWI ammunition ship caught fire and exploded in the harbour of Halifax, Canada, killing about 2000 people. It has been estimated as 2.9 kiloton explosion, equivalent to a small tactical nuclear weapon. Apparently when news of the Hiroshima bomb came in 1945 it was referred to as being equivalent to “seven Halifax explosions”, a standard which that event would instantly replace.

Looking at the Wikipedia list of such events it would appear that there have been a lot of others in history. I knew of the Port Chicago, USS Mount Hood and Texas City disasters, but others such as several Liberty ships hit during WWII, the Bombay explosion and the RAF Bedenham explosion, were unknown to me.

SS John Burke exploding after being hit by a Kamikaze, December, 1944.

I’ll leave this with the one video I think most accurately captures the effects of the shock wave in Beirut. Quite incredible to see roofs being lifted off multi-story apartment buildings.

The bride and groom escaped and will have their day of bliss but based on past events I cannot believe the death toll will not climb into the hundreds, not to mention all the eye injuries from people watching through their windows, which was a big part of the Halifax injury toll.

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August 7, 2020 at 11:48 am

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  1. One could say the earth moved for them both.


    August 7, 2020 at 3:07 pm

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