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Never better illustrated than Winston Churchill getting thrown overboard in a general election after overseeing the Allied victory in Europe 1945 then being sent home while a British electorate decided the socialists who had been in the Grand Coalition offered the electorate mass nationalisation and welfare could usher in the rebuild. He then spent the following years writing his six volume “History of the Second World War” with the last volume being published after he took the Conservative Party to victory over the Attlee socialists in 1952, the sixth and last volume “Triumph and Tragedy” being published the following year. Alas by then senile decay was apparent and at age eighty he resigned the Prime Ministership.

That history written from the perspective of one of the major personalities amongst the leaders is compelling reading.

“The Gathering Storm” covering the assumption of absolute power by Adolph Hitler, the rearmament and incremental repossessions beginning with reoccupation of The Ruhr, anschluss with Austria, the absorption of Czechoslovakia, beginning with the Sudetenland and finally the attack on Poland after the Ribbentrop treaty with Soviet USSR allowed a safe military operation free from any Soviet reaction. Now Churchill although possibly the man to defend The British Isles and Empire was not without serious blunders throughout his long career but when as an option following the failed appeasement of the Chamberlain Premiership and the faction with Lord Halifax in the van who would have attempted an accomodation with the Reich The consensus that formed around Winston turned out a good one for the British.

Who will write a similar history for what is the present threat to that way of life in this once great nation from a smorgasbord of almost unbelievable alliance of socialist variants that include Black lives matter, Antifascists, One world government, Communists masquerading as environmentalism, run of the mill socialists as useful idiots, promoting open borders and a frightening lurch away from the economic engine room of Capitalist endeavour with the Market as a prime mover.

New Zealand, in part because a media indoctrinated with socialism refuses to fulfil a duty in informing the people what is really happening has watched a young woman with links to world socialism via her chairing the youth movement where in a short oration marking the end of her term as world president managed to employ the significant communist term “Comrade” many times at a rate of once a minute for nearly a quarter of an hour. Communists all along the route of accompanying failure would have applauded from Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and all the enablers who slaughtered in numbers that a normal person could easily fail to grasp in enormity.

A variant of the many virus infections that cause the common cold and Influenza has swept the world and as an Island Nation with a thousand mile wide moat, total idiots should have been able to master the accompanying threats. However the retards who arrived to rule over us after a charlatan imbued with a mix of Revenge from people who spurned his divisive political philosophy with a massive ego drive for self advancement, managed a remarkable path to the only office available by pretending to be in negotiations with all parties to make every post a winner. Managing to exploit what must be seen as a remarkable series of advantages from a tyro young woman who had not long previously expounded a lack of desire to become leader of her party let alone Prime Minister. The total myth that Peters was considering all parties is now exposed for the fraudulent bit of propaganda it always was. Having launched legal action against almost the entire National leadership and being able to convince the rather naive young lady to exclude the Greens from full participation in executive power by sidelining them to a role as support for confidence and supply, Winston Raymond Peters has embarked on a remarkable assault on what many consider a rather quaint NZ way of life. As a significant manipulator he has overseen a destruction of work, and business opportunity hidden for now by Borrowings and money printing that even the “Social Credit” dreamers would wonder how it all came about. Wilfred Owen, Vern Cracknell and co might have issued an “I do not believe it”.

Am I the only one left wondering how New Zealand has arrived in mid August and no news emerging of the annual deaths from the bloody flu. An annual winter death toll that ranges from three hundred to five hundred annually, with occasional peaks to around seven hundred. Remarkably if what passes for a main Stream Media is to be a source of news I am unaware of any deaths attributed to the Flu unless the much used as a fear threat, an orgy where a mere twenty odd mostly old persons already with serious threats to life who finally succumbed with Corona Virus Covid 19 as a contributing feature. I accept the people, if following the regime of isolating, social distancing and hygiene might have reduced infections to a degree but surely there must be some emerging basic analysis of what is happening even allowing for a influenza death toll at the low end of the annual figures of three hundred.

A question sometimes asked, relates to how a well educated people allowed the rise to government and the following dictatorship of Herr Schicklgruber. One reason I have come to believe has people accepting what they want to hear and if the media are spewing forth a stream of shite excluding any and all other valid opinions that do not fit the chosen narrative then if as suggested somewhere between sixty and seventy percent are following the line that the NZ people have been “saved”. The truth of course has that original really scary figure of eighty thousand New Zealand citizens possibly dying from the Wu Flu a total nonsense but the fear factor still holds sway.

Who will say otherwise?

Written by Gravedodger

August 11, 2020 at 10:38 am

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  1. Er, other than the one thing Churchill got right opposing the Nazis – which saved Western Civilisation let it be said- Churchill throughout his long political career was wrong in nearly everything. Including, to the cost of many Kiwi lives, Gallipoli, and in WWII Greece, Crete, Italy and the garrison at Singapore.

    Oh, yes, and the Atlee’s Labour Party- and let it be remembered they were the staunchest supporters of Churchill in the dark days of 1940, not the Tories! – set up the British NHS, which like our public health system is a corner stone of their social welfare safety net. And neither Thatcher nor Boris Johnson today had any intention of dismantling it.


    August 11, 2020 at 11:27 am

    • The reason why Churchill was able to see off the Nazi threat was his leadership. He rallied the empire to a common cause. A bit like the National Party ad depicting a rowing eight all pulling together. I know it sticks in your claw but Ardern achieved ( albeit on a lesser scale) something similar here using the same tools, clear communication, developing a sense of common purpose, only if we work together ( like the rowing eight) we can eliminate and enjoy an enviable lifestyle. Re the comment that, given our location anybody would have achieved the same. We were even further away in 1919 but got absolutely hammered in that pandemic. Australia is an island country but they are a long way away from achieving what the team of 4,999,000 did.


      August 11, 2020 at 12:59 pm

  2. Am I the only one left wondering how New Zealand has arrived in mid August and no news emerging of the annual deaths from the bloody flu.

    Well, not the only one. But most of us were expecting a much lower rate of flu this year, due to the massive increase in people getting vaccinated and the change in behaviour (hand-washing, social distancing etc). Flu’s hardly making an impact in any of the developed countries this year.

    Psycho Milt

    August 11, 2020 at 12:45 pm

  3. A question sometimes asked, relates to how a well educated people allowed the rise to government and the following dictatorship of Herr Schicklgruber.

    Well educated??

    Gustavo Frink

    August 11, 2020 at 12:48 pm

  4. @Ian

    The reason why Churchill was able to see off the Nazi threat was his leadership. He had an Empire he rallied to his cause.


    Gustavo Frink

    August 11, 2020 at 1:18 pm

  5. And Ardern and Labour are not socialists. Indeed no one in the NZ Parliament or on the current political horizon is a socialist – wanting state control of the means of production, exchange and distribution. Instead, everyone from ACT to the Greens buy in to the mixed economy model – but disagree on where that line of private enterprise and state ownership and control, including taxes should lie.

    Calling Ardern a socialist is as witless as going back in time and echoing one-time National leader, Sid Holland, in labelling the first Labour Government’s cradle to the grave welfare state as applied lunacy.


    August 11, 2020 at 1:25 pm

  6. Am I the only one left wondering how New Zealand has arrived in mid August and no news emerging of the annual deaths from the bloody flu.


    August 11, 2020 at 1:53 pm

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