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The Democrat Cities: Chicago loses against BLM

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I’ve been moving through the sad list of US cities controlled by Democrats that have been experiencing riots and general criminal mayhem over the last few months and since I started off with my second home, Chicago, a month ago, saw no need to re-visit what’s happening there.

But the events of a two weeks ago cannot be ignored. On the afternoon of Sunday, August 9, after false reports were spread by BLM on social media sites that the cops had shot a 15-year old boy, protests broke out. By the time the truth emerged that it was a 20 year old with a gun who’d opened fire on the cops it was too late. The shooter was wounded but survived.

Having started the “peaceful protests” at the scene of the shooting in the Englewood neighbourhood (the shittiest part of the city and a killing zone in general) the looters decided that richer pickings were possible in the CBD just to the East, which was hit two months ago around places like the famous Macy’s store on State Street. But this time they went for the jackpot:

Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

The “Mile” is Michigan Avenue, the premier shopping district in the city and one of the top ones in the USA and they went after the Northern end where it gets really tony. They also spread out into nearby areas of high class shops. You have to see it to believe it as the looters clean out stores like Gucci and Dior, smash their way through multiple stories of Watertower Place, a beautiful shopping spot I know well, and even exchange gunfire with the cops on Michigan Avenue, which is unheard of.

The looting began shortly after midnight as people darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up.

U-haul? Well sure. The looters had little to fear from an overwhelmed Chicago Police Department (CPD).

You see a brave little kid fighting cancer.
I see a bundle of White Privilege.

They even went after the Ronald McDonald House, while terrified families with their sick kids huddled inside.

One of them was two-year-old Owen Buell, pictured here, who missed a trip home to celebrate his Birthday.

Aside from WBBM Radio, Fox news and a handful of RWNJ blog sites, this story saw little daylight.

Remember, nothing must be permitted to distract from the narrative that these “protests” are right and holy and that anyone who opposes them is a racist monster.

Similarly with other targets:

“I just don’t know what the next move is going to be,” said Mullins, the accessory store owner. “I’m out of work. They’ve destroyed everything, they’ve taken all the merchandise that I have to sell. This requires an investment of money to rebuild and replenish.”

Social Media is Da Bomb

The CPD did, eventually, pour 400 officers into the area. They arrested 100 people, with more following in the days afterward as social media sites were studied, including one where the idiot pictured here live-streamed the whole thing as she and her homies trashed and looted stores. But most of these people were bailed in short order and it may be that charges will be dropped or reduced down to misdemeanours if the Cook County DA, Kim Foxx sticks with her policies:

Foxx has dismissed felony cases brought by the police at a rate 35 percent higher than her predecessor. She raised the threshold for felony shoplifting from $300 to $1,000—and as a result, thieves steal brazenly in broad daylight as well as under cover of darkness.

I covered the shoplifting insanity in this post. Foxx was already infamous nation-wide for her refusal to prosecute D-grade actor Jussie Smollett in the wake of his faked attack by MAGA’s in one of the same expensive areas just trashed, Streeterville. And that 35 percent dismissal rate of felony crimes (eg. jail time) translates into a total of 25,183 defendants in one year to November 2019. It also includes any number of people arrested for illegal possession of guns. So much for Democrat gun control.

In these posts several Lefty commentators dismissed such stuff as being nowhere near as important as White Republicans being above the law. But that trite and moronic dismissal of such anti-law policies is no longer being so widely accepted in the wake of repeated riots and looting. It’s the opposite of Broken Windows policing; allowing small crimes has lead to more and larger crimes. Even two of the city’s famous firebrand activists got it:

This was obviously very orchestrated,” the Rev. Michael Pfleger, a prominent Roman Catholic priest and activist on the city’s South Side, told Chicago television station WBBM.

Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr, tweeted that the looting in Chicago “was humiliating, embarrassing, and morally wrong,”.

Mayor Lightfoot

Lightfoot and CPD Chief David Brown finally seemed to get the point too. In a press conference on Monday morning, perhaps realising that she faced a crucial test of leadership, Lightfoot, with slow-burning anger and a head-snapping reversal, this time made no excuses for the crimes. She also clearly attacked Foxx’s catch-and-release policy as a factor.

“This was straight-up felony criminal conduct,People believe there is no accountability in our criminal justice systemWhat we’re saying is, as a result of what happened last night, there have to be consequences,… But when we do make those arrests, our expectation is that this is going to be treated with the level of seriousness it should be. Period,”

Chief Brown made the same points and a few hours later a very defensive Foxx – who was notably not at the Mayor’s side – tried to fight back with her own press conference. The city awaits the outcome. My bet is nothing will change unless Foxx is booted at the next election.

Meantime Burn Loot Murder was having none of this. They released statements that said, among other things:

“In a predictable and unfortunate move, she did not take this time to criticize her officers for shooting yet another Black man. Lightfoot instead spent her time attacking ‘looters.’…

When protesters attack high-end retail stores that are owned by the wealthy and service the wealthy, that is not ‘our’ city and has never been meant for us.…… That is reparations,… Anything they wanted to take, they can take it because these businesses have insurance

The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the people will keep rising up until the CPD is abolished and our Black communities are fully invested in….

Aside from attacking the Mayor they also went after Jesse Jackson with one Ariel Atkins of BLM-Chicago responding:

“Jesse Jackson was not there for the creation of Black Lives Matter. Jesse Jackson can keep his opinions to himself.”

I doubt they listened to what local community members said either, when BLM turned up to protest at the 7th district police station:

I ain’t see none of you motherfuckers when them kids got killed,” one man told the protesters, a video posted by Sun Times journalist Tyler LaRiviere showed. “Y’all don’t come out when the kids get shot. Y’all come out when it got something to do with the fucking police.”

“We’re out here every day watching our kids get their brains blew out with no fucking funding, no resources, but you motherfuckers getting all the resources and yall wanna come over here and disrupt our motherfucking neighborhood…”

BLM and Antifa thugs and propagandists can “White Supremacy” and “Systemic Racism” their lungs out, but I’d bet that guy speaks for a whole lot of Black folks who aren’t buying BLM’s shit.

In BLM the Democrats have a monster they can no longer control.

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