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Pelosi Goes Postal

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Despite disagreeing with almost all of her Democrat policies over the years I’ve always had a grudging respect for Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House and currently the third most powerful leader in the USA. One could basically say the second, given that the VP position is a big nothing in actual power, despite the best efforts of the likes of Gore and Cheney.

She’s a huge fundraiser for the Democrats, from her incredibly wealthy position on the heights of San Francisco (she’s worth something like $200 million). She’s also crafted heavyweight legislation such as Obamacare and the TARP packages during the GFC, as well playing the partisan game hard, especially as House Democrat Leader, whether to victories in 2006 and 2018 or losses in 2004, ’10, ’12, ’14 and ’16.

She’s 80 years old and occasionally has had a few word salad problems, but unlike Biden is still sharp on attack.

But she’s now lost the plot.

 “They’re doing everything they can, suppress the vote, with your actions, scare people, intimidate by saying law enforcement will be there, diminish the role of the postal system in all of this.

“It’s really actually shameful,” she added. “Enemies of the state.”

Can you imagine the storm that would arise were Trump to say this about the Democrat Party? In this case Republicans did speak up, including two with direct experience of the results of this sort of divisive shite :

“Disgusting: Nancy Pelosi just called Republicans ‘domestic enemies.’ I was shot because of this kind of unhinged rhetoric. Where’s the media outrage?” – Rep. Steve Scalise

“Now THIS puts lives in danger. Believe me, I know firsthand. And, @SteveScalise knows better than anyone.” – Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH)

She continues to say things that escalate division in this country and now she’s labeling those who are in a different political party “enemies”. Nancy, you once said our words should calm and unite. What changed? – Rep Rick Crawford (R-AR)

What changed” is obvious; despite all the crowing about opinion poll leads the Democrats are growing increasingly uneasy at the thought that Biden may lose to Trump. The hysteria among Democrat voters must not only be maintained but tuned up further.

Incidently the postal stuff she’s referring to was last week’s conspiracy theory played out on the MSM; that Trump and the GOP are weakening the US Postal Service in myriad ways in order to defeat vote-by-mail, which will supposedly be vital in a Lockdown election. Their “attacks” included cutting funding, removing post boxes and so forth. I’ll just list a few points about why that was so crazy, courtesy of Byron York, who patiently dismantled the story in detail:

  • The USPS was given the ability to borrow $10 billion to help re-structure. The Democrat screams arose because they wanted an extra $25 billion applied as top-ups to keep the place ticking along without change.
  • The claim was that without it postal voting would be endangered. In fact there was nothing in the proposal that the money be applied to such.
  • The USPS already handles 142 billion pieces of mail each year, so handling some 300 million ballots over several weeks – if every registered voter voted by mail – would be no issue at all.
  • Thousands of post boxes were removed during the Obama Administration, as well as letter-sorting machines – for the very sound reason that letter volumes have declined, as they have globally.
  • Postal ballots will still be collected from people’s personal mailboxes, to which mail is and will be delivered and collected.
  • The USPS was the one reminding various State and local governments that there are deadlines involved for sending and receiving mail and that mail-voting could screw up in some places if the electoral authorities didn’t get their shit together. But that’s not the USPS’s problem.

Actually the following cartoon summarises it all very well, although the fact that it’s now quickly vanished makes it clear that the Democrats knew it was bullshit from the start.

Meantime, we have to just accept that 2020 is going to be one of the ugliest US elections ever – and yet not be too disturbed by the resulting hysteria.

Murderrobberyrape, adultery and incest will openly be taught and practiced, the soil will be soaked with blood, and the nation black with crimes,” – Connecticut Courant editorial opposing the election of Thomas Jefferson as President, 1800.

It’s the “openly taught and practiced” that makes that one so special. Still, “Enemies of The State” has a distinctly chilling 20th century feel to it, especially coming from a Leftist.

Written by Tom Hunter

August 27, 2020 at 1:16 pm

4 Responses

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  1. How many times have you called out Trump and his surrogates for declaring the Media “Enemy of the People”, echoing the words of dictators around the world?

    Pelosi is right, the Republicans stand for nothing except power and greed. They are taking no other policies into this campaign.

    Ripping away school lunches from the poorest seems to be their biggest recent achievement. And I bet they’re proud of themselves.

    Anne Tiffa

    August 27, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    • I think it clear that Pelosi stands for nothing but power and greed. Why else is she still there?


      August 27, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    • Pssssst…..


      “Anne Tiffa” (get it?) is this blogs #2 troll. He’ll say anything – absolutely anything, no matter how self contradictory, hypocritical, ignorant and stupid it is – just so long as it can cast rays of golden light upon the pure SJW image he sees reflected in the mirror.

      Tom Hunter

      August 27, 2020 at 10:22 pm

  2. for declaring the Media “Enemy of the People”, echoing the words of dictators around the world?

    So it’s bad?

    Pelosi is right,…

    So it’s good?

    Tom Hunter

    August 27, 2020 at 2:17 pm

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