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Disney Bombs

In an earlier post I briefly glanced at how DC Comics has blown themselves up by pandering to the Woke brigades.

But lest you think this sort of stupidity affects only the leaders of small fry like them, let me assure you that this crap is spreading fast through the formerly sober heights of corporate executives and boardrooms.

Disney has already had a tough year thanks to the response of governments to Chinese Sinus Rot.

Unfortunately they doubled down on their China bet with a “new” movie called Mulan.

Mulan, 1998

Actually it’s not really “new”. As is increasingly the case, the talentless hacks of Disney (and Hollywood), simply reached back into their past to convert one of their most popular animated movies of the last two decades, turning it into a live action, big-screen spectacle. Moreover, they really tuned it to Chinese audiences.

However, as captured by the Rotten Tomatoes website, viewer reviews were … not good.

“This is unbelievable how disney managed to completely missed the plot, the story, the atmosphere, the sound and the message? Mulan goes from this dilligent smart and awesome girl, mastering her way in a male dominated warrior world to this mary sue , all inclusive from the get go, no challenge, just “be the badass you are born to be ?

“Looked interesting enough to watch, but my kids got bored and I started to fall asleep. Seemed like “Rise of the Skywalker” mixed with old Mulan..

Mulan, 2020

At the same time there were threats of boycotts and protests in the West that pushed Disney into not releasing it in theatres in the USA but on their own streaming service, Disney +, charging $US 30 for the view.

For those of you unfamiliar with the situation, Disney thanked many Chinese government authorities in the credits of their recent Disney+ movie release, Mulan. One of those government authorities included the government powers within Xinjiang province. That location is also where the Chinese Communist Party government is holding millions of ethnic minorities in concentration camps

In addition Disney’s usual media rollout has been screwed by the CCP ordering Chinese news outlets not to cover the movie because it mentions Xinjiang and they’re trying to keep the backlash down. And so…

In China, The Walt Disney Co.’s “Mulan” had a disappointing debut of only $23.2 million. The low launch nonetheless claimed the film the No. 1 spot in the country where an estimated 91% of theaters are open but limited to 50% capacity. The studio noted that its opening is around the same level as “Cinderella” and “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.”

This isn’t the first time that Disney has pandered to their Chinese overlords. The following are two different billboard presentations of the most recent Star Wars movies.

Never mind. Disney will reportedly get back that $10 billion by 2025, although if The Mouse does not get his copyright protection extended again from January 1, 2024, all bets are off. Thanks to Disney’s clever lawyers it’s already been extended several times.

I must say that I’m enjoying watching these institutions burning themselves to the ground.

Written by Tom Hunter

September 16, 2020 at 12:08 pm

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