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97 Nym’s on the Wall

It will soon be the time for the Christmas spirit to prevail.

But not quite yet.

Not long after I started posting here I had some fun with a dickhead commentator debating with a “sock puppet” – himself under another name.

The Internet’s a Funny old Place.

He never returned, presumably because of the humiliation. Although we did lose a few more trolls with the move to the WordPress platform, which tracks people’s IP addresses, there is a certain subset of these strange creatures who just never go away.

My favourite was some very, very, very angry Lefty who tried to “comment” on our new blog under one of my posts, leaving a trail of abuse and the fake email, fucktom@whaleoil.cunt, which I admit I laughed at – and still do.

Of course one can always use a VPN to spoof an IP address, if you’re especially paranoid, but that still needs to be used intelligently if you’re sock-puppeting, otherwise your puppets will appear under the same IP address, giving the game away about your “97 other nyms”. And so…

So Gustavo is Glamdring is The Quotidian is … etc, etc. And on it goes:

Interestingly the “F Hamer” (referring of course to the famous Texas Ranger featured in my film review of The Highwaymen) put out some sort-of-Right-talking points: sock-puppetry at its best.

Then there’s this clown…

But really, what sort of a people do this? What strange mental processes and what crippled, miserable, lonely lives do they possess that lead them to this sad juncture?

Whoever “Gustavo” really is it’s clear that he has mental issues, possibly OCD, Bipolar or Depression, or perhaps is just a deep fantasist, and is using this forum as therapy. Sydney West seems a little more sane but again the question arises as to what sort of people do this? They’ve been doing it since blogs first became a thing in the early 00’s.

Whatever the case, as far as my blog is concerned, they’re all on probation.


Written by Tom Hunter

December 17, 2020 at 7:00 am

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