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Let them eat $600

There is no doubt that the recent ructions in Washington D.C. from the crowds of Deplorables was driven partly by anger about the Presidential election.

But I think it overlooks another factor, which is the incredible degree of economic punishment that ordinary people have suffered in 2020 thanks to the lockdowns by various state governments. Millions of people have lost their jobs, businesses and incomes.

Moreover they’ve seen that the technocrat class has done well out of the Chinese Lung Rot lockdowns. People who can work from home and government workers have not missed a single paycheck, and IT billionaires have made out like bandits, with the likes of Bezos (Amazon), Zuckerberg (Facebook) and others seeing their wealth increase by tens of billions as their online companies became even more vital for delivering goods and services.

As a result the recent budget passed by the US Federal government, at 5000 pages plus, was an appalling slap in the face and an insult to tens of millions of ordinary Americans. The resulting anger may be more slow-burning than for political causes like Trump, but it’s there.

Yes. Yes it is, in addition to the messages about how some riots – the ones that screw you up – are acceptable, while others – the ones that might harm the precious hides of your rulers – are unacceptable.

Members of Congress are still mystified to find that in repeated opinon polls over the last couple of decades the American public rates them lower than prostitutes and used car dealers.

Written by Tom Hunter

January 14, 2021 at 11:15 am

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