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Best Ever England Test Cricket Team

There is plenty of talent to choose from here and I am sure a few of our pommy readers as well as regular commenters will have a view not only on the players I have picked but even more so on those I have left out.

My interest in English cricket started with the 1958 New Zealand tour and grew through the 1958/59 Ashes series in Australia. One of my first ever cricket books was Trevor Baileys Cricket Book which it is fair to say may have influenced the selection of a couple of the players in my team which in batting order is – apologies for the double spacing I couldn’t get rid of it:

1 Herbert Sutcliffe

2. Jack Hobbs

3. Walter Hammond

4. Joe Root

5 David Gower

6. Ian Botham

7. Alan Knott

8. Fred Trueman

9. Jim Laker

10. Alec Bedser

11. Jimmy Anderson

Hammond would be Captain and Derek Randell (Arkle) 12thMan

As far as players who missed out they are a dime a dozen but of the modern era Alistair Cook was close while in the bowlers Brian Statham lost out to Anderson and Frank Tyson and Derek Underwood were real contenders. Alan Knotts batting got him in ahead of Godfrey Evans and Bob Taylor because with Trueman at eight the tail looked a bit long.

Going further back I really do not know how good players like Wilfred Rhodes and Dr. Grace really were so have left them out but they were icons of the game in their time.

In fact I have in mind so many good English players I was tempted to name another eleven to play a trial test to finalise my best eleven.

Over to you now – who would you have.

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February 13, 2021 at 9:42 am

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  1. Gooch over Gower. Gooch, do not forget, still holds the record for most runs in a test.

    I’d put Sir Alistair Cook in over Hobbs, though that’s no slur on Hobbs.

    My only other quibble is that Ben Stokes is light years better than Botham, especially fat, thirtysomething Botham. Stokes is the best allrounder since Imran Khan, and all sentiment aside, deserves a place much more.


    February 13, 2021 at 3:46 pm

    • BM – this team is quite a bit different from my original draft – I had Hutton, May and Cowdrey then looked at some figures. Saw Botham in England when he came on the scene and almost singlehandedly dealt to the Aussies. Must say I did not really consider Stokesand no room for Gooch.

      As I said you could pick another team and have a trial.


      February 13, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    • BM – I did a bit of research overnight – Gowers test average is better than Gooch, They played almost the same number of tests and Gooch scored about 700 more runs. Nothing in it so down to personal choice but Gooch mainly opened and Gower batted in the top/middle order so they were not competing for the same spot anyway..

      Botham was good enough to take the new ball in his time – I would not give it to Stokes except due to injury both are worth their place as batsmen – the true test for an all rounder is being good enough to be selected for either discipline..

      I am going to look a bit further at all rounders and might do a separate post in due course..


      February 14, 2021 at 9:47 am

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