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Which one are you, White Person?

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The crazy of Identity Politics and Wokeism just gets crazier with each passing day.

The following pieces of information were sent to parents – White parents only of course – by the Principal of a New York Prep School that their kids attend. The intention is to move White people into the Green Zone of the chart so that the USA, and probably much of the West, can finally wipe out its White Supremacist culture.

Politics and business have long made great efforts in slicing and dicing populations into segments that can then be appealed to and Identity Politics does the same thing, especially with Intersectionality, the ranking of oppression based on various intersecting characteristics of a person: cue the classic joke about Blind, Black, One-Legged Lesbians. But I’ve not seen this approach taken to Whites before, although it’s the opposite of identifying intersecting types of oppression.

The proud author of the graphic is Barnor Hesse, an associate professor at Northwestern University. His research interests include “black political thought, blackness and effect, and race and governmentality,” among others. He added a helpful page of definitions, just so can figure out where you fit in.

I wonder where Hollywood’s Rob Reiner – better known to millions as Meathead from the old 70’s TV Show, All In The Family – thinks he sits in the “regime of whiteness”? Nowhere close enough to hand over all his wealth for slavery reparations I’m sure, although wielding this chart will be a great way of maintaining his White Privilege as it will for many other White Lefties.

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  1. Just replace the word ‘white’ with ‘jew’ and most people (I hope) would see the problem.


    February 18, 2021 at 5:05 pm

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