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A Brief Note to Trolls

When “Roj Blake” popped in here the other day to comment on the Texas Blackouts, I let the comments through because he’d been a long-time commentator here and on other NZ blog sites and I figured that earned him a certain amount of lattitude.

I was bemused though because he’d done the whole LANCB flounce long ago from the old No Minister site, appalled and sickened by the sexism, racism, misogyny, transphobia (like all good Leftie trolls he’s always more woke than thou) and just an overwhelming sense of general disgust with the site, especially since Moi joined as an author in early 2019.

So why was he back?

The answer took only 24 hours to appear when “Roj Blake” commented using one of the IP addresses of a previous sock puppet on this site, “Quidam”, aka “Sydney West” etc. And then promptly used a different IP address for each of his other comments.


Normal people don’t do loony shit like that. They pick a name/pseudonym, an email address (even if it’s a BS one), and post from one IP address, even if it’s one picked using a VPN. In the case of the latter you might get a handful of different ones as they occasionally shift locations for other purposes such as torrenting. Or if they move between a couple of different physical places, like home and work.

But varying email addresses and altering an IP address with almost every comment is the sure sign of a demented troll; someone who is just here for shits and giggles and who expects to be blocked, so manically jumps around trying to beat the blocks.

Also someone who does not want to be caught with consistent argument (“but earlier you said…).

Trolls could get away with all this and a lot more on our old Blogger site, but not here at WordPress, so don’t try this stupid crap here.

Written by Tom Hunter

February 22, 2021 at 7:15 pm

Posted in Free Speech, Humour

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