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Been in the South Island this week doing ‘Gods work’. On Tuesday night flew from Christchurch to Queenstown on the late fight due to arrive at 2030. Was in the Kori lounge at ChCh when my phone rang. It was the receptionist at Scenic Hotel and Suites at Q’town asking when I planned on arriving. Told her that I was still on the ground in ChCh and probably would be at the hotel around 2100. She then said that their restaurant closed at 2100 but if I would like to give her my order they would have it in a hot cart ready and waiting in my room when I arrived. And so it was, beautifully prepared along with a complementary drink voucher. Now that’s ‘service’ that I haven’t experienced anywhere else in NZL. Q’town is doing it tough but clearly some establishments have risen to the challenge and all kudos to them. As an aside and I was talking to senior police officer the next day. He said that prior to Covid every night in Q’town was ‘Party Night’ … now its just Friday and Saturday nights and that most other nights Q’town was quiet (from a policing perspective). He also said their biggest concern was drugs and the problem was growing exponentially.

And while talking about customer service kudos too to Air NZ acknowledging they’ve taken a bit of stick in the last week or so. Last week I got an e-mail from Air NZ advising that because of the disruptions to service as a result of Covid they were extending my Kori Club by another year gratis … a $465 bonus. Well done Air NZ

It would probably be churlish of me to put the boot into the Member for Tijuana over his various claims for preferential treatment so I won’t except to say that his sense of entitlement rivals that of the Material Girl and does nothing for the Green Party brand. Key acted decisively with Gilmore … I guess the Greens don’t do decisive.

Back home now until next week when we’re taking a break in the South Island through until the end of the month. Expect limited blogging.


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February 25, 2021 at 1:36 pm

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