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Ppolitical assassination, an effective regime change strategy, one early example the stabbing of Julius Caesar by recaltricent senators in Rome on the steps of the Forum to end his dictatorship, History is littered with examples from regicide to simple assassination.

In these woke times the marxist socialist aficionados have hit upon a bloodless but equally effective strategy to, if not cripple conservatives, to remove them from the battle ground. Of course it is not entirely limited to conservative targets, however with the MSM now firmly within the left power grouping, errant persons from the left get away far more leniently, to wit Andrew Cuomo the current Governor of New York State who is in a mess of trouble resulting from his Rona response that saw hundreds of Rona Patients sent to rest home facilities causing untold death and destruction. he is now being assaulted by multiple allegations of misconduct including unwanted intimate advances, of course being a long serving Democrat he does not get the pile on that Brett Kavanaugh withstood in his successful confirmation as a Justice of the US Supreme Court. That lone accuser Cristine Blazey Ford was never going o succeed in her allegations of teenage sex later suggested, if it ever occurred, to be teenage romping at worst.

Yesterday after days of sustained attacks led by the State Funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Christian Porter outed himself as the current Liberal Cabinet Minister in The Scott Morrison led Coalition that has only a one seat majority in the House. Porter’s alleged sexualencounter dating over thirty years ago when he was a seventeen year old with a teenage girl then under the age of sixteen, ffs it was thirty three years ago and the complainant never went to the Police until very recently and soon after making her historical allegation then withdrew it and took her own life in suicide. Now sans any witness to testify the Police have announced no further intent to investigate on the grounds of insufficient evidence. That did not prevent a disgusting pile on by blood lusting Journalists (advisedly), who after a dramatic total and emphatic denial by Porter the Attorney General who went on to say he was taking a mental health break to assess his future after claiming for now no intention to resign his warrant. His accuser has been a long time Mental health patient herself, in her allegation wanted a date that they shared prior to the alleged “Rape” in 1988 was at a venue that did not open until one year later in 1989? Another problematic part of the career threatening move by his accuser,s proxy, involved her parents who it is alleged discounted her story as fantasy.

Never the less it seems Christian Porter who has been promoted as a future leader of the Liberal Party is going to have one hell of a battle to overcome this aberration that flies in the face of the entire “Innocent until proven guilty” defense. Conviction in the atmosphere of the once favoured mob behaviours that saw many strung up without any due process that is now a favoured opportunity weapon of choice in the Politica battlefield. One thing that Porter avoided yesterday in what must have been the Political Lynching of the Australian scene in this 21st century in the court of public opinion, was to avoid any suggestions of libel or defamation strategy. That is very likely only for now!

One very sad day for Media and human mob behaviour that is a central plank of many a political strategy in these woke times where kindness and empathy are bandied about with gay abandon. Total absence of that in the most dramatic of days in the life and career of Christian Porter.

Written by Gravedodger

March 4, 2021 at 7:19 am

Posted in Australia, USA

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  1. The Australian ‘affair” is the left wing media’s attempt to undermine the Australian Government’s majority because Morrison is still doing well in the PR aspect.
    It is the Aussie media’s job, like the $105 million NZ affair, continues to stuff support our Beauty Queen as she continues in her paranoiac ways.

    Papa Mike

    March 4, 2021 at 7:53 am

  2. Sadly, in these irrational times of online mobs baying for “justice”, the accusation is the crime. As with Weinstein and Cuomo, an initial accusation often spurs other women to come forward with further accusations. Time will tell if Porter’s political career is over or not.


    March 4, 2021 at 3:01 pm

  3. fredonas – There is a big difference between Porter/ Kavanagh and Cuomo/ Weinstein and you should know that. The latter had a long history that was known about for years and the media hushed it up. Why do you think that is? Could it be their politics?
    The Porter case should never even have been mentioned, let alone publicised. Especially as the woman involved had a troubled past and withdrew her accusation. It gives all the impression of being a hatchet job. And people do survive. Two US Supreme Court judges can attest to that.
    There are current political cases that are much more worthy of investigation like those around the Australian Defence Minister’s staff and the cocaine sex one. But in all these the presumption of innocence for the accused has to be paramount.

    Chris Morris

    March 5, 2021 at 10:01 am

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