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Recently I heard “Chippy” arrogantly dismissing a plea for compensation following the stupid and unnecessary latest lockdown with a throwaway line along the lines of; ‘people must refrain from thinking all the incurred “losses” resulting from government mindless use of the strategy will be compensated.

I am guessing that enjoying a multi hundred thousand guaranteed salary must soon divorce the special persons from any degree of understanding of what is involved. Have heard two examples quoted that involve over twenty thousand dollar write off of stock suddenly rendered waste by the kneejerk lockdown response in this latest assault on small business. What else to be expected from a bunch of clowns with nary an iota of business experience between them?

The list of financial disaster known personally to me grows by the day with still one year on, a government with absolutely zero proclaimed exit strategy to their simplistic and doubted by an ever expanding avalanche of business failures.

Minister of Tourism Nash exhibited the heartless gulf of understanding when he managed a rare foray into south Westland for its Nelson dwelling MP, to the Glacier country this week.

Many entrepreneurial attempts at self reliance sent to failure by an administration that uses advice from narrow focussed health Crats to impose disastrous economic outcomes on small enterprises in outposts across the Nation, their response, sheet the blame for their intemperate and widely acknowledged fruitless strategies to an immigrant family acting on a now clear failure of the border strategy.

In discussions with many and varied people as I travel the highways and byways, it is soon understood the troughers are satisfied with Ardernearly actions will remain a best response while the once free market slowly implodes. Some major losses for Wairarapa air show, Horse of the Year, NZ athletic championships, Napier Art Deco , Various A & P events all avoidable by shutting down a much smaller part of the nation as NSW did with their Northern Beaches cluster.

Ffs get beyond the sycophantic coterie of fellow trough dwellers and talk to some of the poor buggers at the coal face watching helplessly as their life savings are destroyed by Government edict.

Numpties, seemingly extremely inadequate as a descriptive and likely an undeserved slur on genuine Numpties who know nothing and not by any fault of their own. MPs should have a better understanding, alas not demonstrable.

Written by Gravedodger

March 4, 2021 at 9:55 am

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  1. I agree, what we are seeing here is systemic prejudice by socialists against small businesses and entrepreneurs. They want everyone to be completely dependent on the State or large corporations for their income and are attempting to use lockdowns to wipe out anyone who owns their own business for twisted and misguided ideological reasons.


    March 4, 2021 at 4:31 pm

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