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There is a deafening silence from all the pile on everything Trump voices.

Biden never says anything that is not on the Teleprompter written by the faceless and never acknowledged. When the senile old fool attempts to take questions the feed mysteriously fails to a blank screen, you might think someone could fill that void with a nice pastoral scene.

His press secretary Jen Psaki who came to the Whitehouse direct from the Democrats advanced school of Journalism more commonly titled Clinton News Network is a total disinformation source who has some very humorous words when cornered such as “we will circle back on that ” of course never doing any such thing.

The “peoples choice” has signed an avalanche of “executive orders that unravel almost everything Trump initiated beginning with destroying thousands of jobs by endangering the Energy self sufficiency delivered for the first time in decades by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipe Line from Alaska on day one. There are thousands of minors arriving at the southern border on the clearly signalled unfettered immigration policy giving an unprecedented boost to the callous people smugglers and wouldn’t you know many of those bait and switch little people end up in the cages that Trump was roasted for but actually were created by the Obama/Biden regime and made redundant by the terrible racist orange man.

Washington DC once thought to be the very bastion of freedom and democracy is still under armed guard from thousands of National Guardpersons and surrounded by barbed wire and barriers almost two months after Trump left for Miami.

Everything Rona connected is claimed as success for the senile old man and the Democrat controlled shithouse cities still are a shambolic mess, Texas in these times of disastrous global warming endured a freezing weather invasion that killed citizens when the non fossil fueled energy sector went off line. and ghastly kerosene powered Choppers flew for hours attempting fruitlessly to deice wind turbines locked up in the freezing temperatures. The Beaches of Galveston on the Caribbean had snow to the tide.

Some MSM are actually lifting the veil of secrecy that Andrew Cuomo has enjoyed as Governor of New York State that saw Rona patients sent to rest home to slaughter hundreds and he is also under some serious allegations of harassment from former staffers kept eerily silent by a MSM focussed on getting Trump gone.

Of course as well established throughout recorded times History is written by the victors so don’t expect any letting up on striking everything Trump from the tale, that will not be the narrative, while ‘President’ Harris wields the real whitehouse strategy for the Hapless Psaki to front. Just think back a while and recall Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Nikki Haley and Kayleigh McEnany, women who put themselves forward as actual Press Secretaries and in Haley’s case spoke up for the US at the corrupt UN.

At least Trump for all his bombast and bluster, it was real time politics out in the open, not that many actually noticed apparently, here in lil ole NZ the entire commentary on US affairs came from the CNN feed

Interesting times continue..

Written by Gravedodger

March 7, 2021 at 7:15 am

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