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Resistance is futile?

One of the main themes of the Left has always been that the future is theirs and that it’s inevitable.

For a long time this was wrapped up in the whole “scientific” approach claimed by Marxism. But even as that theory collapsed in the 20th century the Left in general has not been able to stop making this claim, implicitly and explicitly.

Naturally this ties in with the endless claim that “The Youth Are With Us“: nothing says owning the future like claiming that the demographics are on your side, starting with a generational argument and layering on top of it racial aspects as well.

One of the problems is that this great demographic tsunami somehow never shows up in the form of permanent political gains by Left-wing parties, let alone their wilder ideas. The first evidence of this came in the 1980’s with the support from “The Youth” like me for the likes of Reagan, Thatcher and Roger Douglas, not just in terms of them personally, but their ideas.

To say that the “youth” of the 1960’s were horrified by this “Reactionary Counter-Revolution” is an understatement. The meltdowns were epic and they’ve never really ended. They foolishly thought that their late 1960’s Counter-Culture revolution had been all-encompassing and across-the-board: easier going attitudes towards sex and drugs would just automatically translate into support for other Leftist social and economic polices.

A classic example of this was a book called The Emerging Democratic Majority, which was published in 2002 and forecasted a bright future for the Democrat Party due to the growing percentage of ethnic minorities, unmarried working women, and the college-educated.

While its dreams seemed to come true in 2008 with overwhelming Democrat wins in the Presidential, House and Senate Elections the fact is that twenty years after the book’s publication the GOP is still very much with us and talk of them constantly losing the popular vote for President as supporting the book’s theory ignores the fact that they’ve won control of the House and Senate a couple of times since 2000, as opposed to the forty years (1954-1994) when they never controlled the House.

Moreover despite the huge popular vote against Trump in 2020 the GOP actually gained seats in the House across the country, lost not one seat they were defending, and against all expectations of losing multiple Senate seats, kept it close, only finally losing the Georgia run-off elections in January thanks to Trump’s claims of a rigged election persuading enough GOP voters to ignore the race. Even the Democrats admit that there’s a good chance the GOP could win the House in 2022.

The Democrat majority apparently needs more emerging.

In fact there are other big problems with those demographic factors that forecast unending Leftist political control, but that is for another article.

However, when it comes to the specific issue of youngsters and the current Leftist Woke culture pandemic, I recently came across a piece that provided further evidence that the future is not as predictable or as bright for the Democrats and the Left in general as they think.

The article detailed the steps parents need to take, and apparently are taking, when their kids get screwed over in the Chicago school system: How to Respond When Your Child is Canceled in Chicago Schools. The detail is fairly specific to the system there, but it was this section that caught my eye near the end:

“What is ironic about all of this,” says a male student at Whitney Young, is that “all my friends have liberal moms and dads who don’t care, but the absurdity of the school is making my friends and I conservative.”

Another Lane Tech student, who marched in the original BLM protests, opines: “I hear more about race now than I ever did from teachers, and the more it’s brought up, the more I don’t think anyone should be treated differently. So much of this is [expletive] … They (these teachers) are the ones who are racist and discriminate based on skin color and pronouns, not me.”

Which should not at all be a surprise. Teens will always rebel against people telling them how to think and what to think, even against the sermonisers of the radical left with their racist Critical Race Theory.

Written by Tom Hunter

April 11, 2021 at 2:58 pm

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  1. The only thing the “Left” seem to guarantee is future poverty.


    April 14, 2021 at 10:13 am

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