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I, surprisingly for some I know, find I have a propensity to engage in conversations with total strangers with a tendency to get views on all manner of Political subjects current. Those sometimes very interesting engagements leave me seriously doubting if Judith Collins, whom incidentally I hold considerable supportive concepts of her back story and successes within the National party, has reached an Impasse not dissimilar to that of the Eighth Army leadership in Egypt when that command was handed to Montgomery. Sadly IMHO she has reached the time to hand the leadership back to Simon Bridges and for a Deputy, Nicola Willis. Forget Luxon and the other wannabees it is time to make a grasp for the still elusive future for the center right.

At the same time Gerry Brownlee should accept time has been called for him also and the inexplicable hold on Party power Goodfellow seems to hold needs ending. OK so The Pacific Fleet managed to patch up the Yorktown that was almost taken out at The Coral Sea to make a contribution at Midway one month later when The IJN was finished as holding Air/Sea power in WW2. Ms Collins has done the job and now a total rebuild needs to happen by attracting genuine Managers and Policy developers to deal with the economic carnage still being “Papered Over” by the bunch of incompetents and their allies in the Media.

Many still cling to the fallacy of a gabbling PM and her coterie of incompetents who daily “announce” and within a week or sooner fail to deliver. Robertson, Parker Nash, Faafoi, Woods, Twyford, O’Connor, Williams Little, Clarke, Hipkins, Mahuta, Sepeloni, Wood oh and nearly forgot dear old Kel Davis, there is not a single one of them who portrays any semblance of capability. Can anyone actually provide any evidence of a policy initiative that has not crashed and burned or survives to eventually provide irrefutable evidence of worsening outcomes. Think Children in need, Emergency housing, Border security, an eye watering ballooning public debt, The Rona, affordable housing, looming energy deficits, Importing coal to power a geothermal station situated on a coal field, rotting produce because no one will pick it, Crime stats, road toll, Delays in emergency treatment and allied elective procedures and possibly the most damning, Mental Health. Anyone with a modicum of empathetic notion would just walk away but no, the Baubles seem to provide a veneer of unavoidable sustenance that enables them to continue the great charade.

NZ Inc is torpedoed, sinking under fire, and there will not be enough lifeboats?

Written by Gravedodger

April 12, 2021 at 4:16 pm

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  1. The only things the current government has excelled at are high-priced working groups and showering various special interest grievance groups with public money. You have to admit, they’ve hit those achievements out of the park 🙂


    April 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm

  2. GD … I have some sympathy for what you are saying bar that re Collins. Certainly there needs to be a clean out of the old guard politicians and last years Party Conference made a huge mistake in reelecting the President. Goodfellow is broken goods. But, back to Collins … Leader of the Opposition is the hardest job in politics especially when the phone is off the hook and right now the phone is off the hook for National and will remain so for the next little while although there are small signs (emphasis on small) that the electorates love affair with St Jacinda may be cooling.

    You never say never in politics but as it stands it would be a brave person who would argue against Labour being able to cobble together a government in 2023 in association with the Greens … and changing leader (yet again) won’t make much difference because while the leader is the figurehead the electorate increasingly is looking past that matching rhetoric against (personal) outcomes … are they satisfied their kids are being educated properly … is the health system delivering for them … is the welfare system really ‘working’ … do they feel safe. And on all those fronts Labour is in trouble. It’s policies that really matter. National needs policies that reflect what the Party really stands for recognising that the political dynamic has changed. The policy mix served up at the last election was thin gruel indeed and presented no real alternative to Labour. FFS, they were too timid to even do away with Labour’s failed free first years tertiary fees policy. and that set the tone. The way forward is for National to be policy bold … to stop trying to be everything to everybody … doesn’t work.

    That’s what the Party needs to be focused on and balancing the books as a flagship policy doesn’t cut the mustard any more.

    If by the end of 2022 National is still sitting below 30% then you might contemplate changing leader … but that’s eighteen months away and a week in politics is a long time.

    The Veteran

    April 13, 2021 at 9:16 am

    • Agree Vet but far too many in my survey (sic) should be seeing the destruction looming yet seem unaware, that said when pointing out how young people they may know are facing an unprecedented assault on their asset base and earning potential some do acknowledge a potential danger but the Immune public servants and high earning graduates make that danger much diminished numerically.
      Far too many seem still under the thrall of the Rona effect while believing MSM manipulation and have apparently handed their ability to reason in at the door.
      Quite scary in fact


      April 13, 2021 at 12:43 pm

  3. Interesting comment on Kiwiblog:

    At Easter we caught up with old friends we hadn’t seen for some five years. Over drinks they, former National stalwarts, confided they were among those to whom Jacinda had referred when she had said she promised to “work for all New Zealanders”. In other words, they had voted Labour. I must have looked at them aghast. Seeing the pained disbelief cross my features they quickly suggested this past election was surely one of those differences “we could all have a bit of a laugh about”.

    Over the evening it became apparent they had swallowed a whole truckload of “progressive” shibboleths put about by the media, for example man-made global warming. It became clear to me I was observing people who had undergone the influence of a collective illusion in response to the terrifying prospect of a raging pandemic. They had taken refuge among the “Team of Five Million” and had willingly, even enthusiastically, suspended their own capacity for independent, critical thought.

    And that is where things remain at present. I’m not sure how these people are to be freed from their catatonic state. Rational argument doesn’t seem to have much effect. It will probably take some kind of severe shock involving government failure that threatens their comfortable way of life. In the meantime, the phone is off the hook.

    Tom Hunter

    April 13, 2021 at 8:43 pm

  4. Without any serious seeking of information I was very sceptical around the claim of farmers and other rural voting NZLP, “to keep the melons out”. Then just as you discovered Tom, evidence came with pretty irrefutable proof when in my travels I crossed the path of a senior electoral officer who told of how early in the Taranaki count the emerging figures seemed unbelievable leading to an immediate recounting only to become forced to accept the rural booths were not in anyway wrong, they showed voting for NZLP in astonishing numbers!


    April 14, 2021 at 4:19 pm

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