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They sure as hell didn’t swim and there were no bloody planes surplus from a pandemic looking for work!.

The Ardernearly cluster lurches to constrain another primary production income stream?

The light at the end of the tunnel aint a solution, it is an economic reality express coming to a station near you.

Finally a whole bunch of economic challenged get their wet dream with O’Connor and Co set to end the export of live animals to, well anywhere!

Yes a boat overturned in the China Sea in a decaying typhoon it was unable to dodge with forty two persons dead and six thousand female cattle also drowned.

Almost all cattle being shipped live to Asia, arrive heavier than they are at loading, a stat never promoted as it does not fit the narrative.

New Zealand slaughters many female cattle every year that are surplus to herd replacement and herd growth numbers. Live export creates greater income streams for New Zealand farming industry players and support infrastructure.

Back when The now Glorious Treaty was signed to stop Maori killing each other there were bugger all animals here of any description so sheep, cattle, Horses, pigs, accompanied humans to this brave new world, and you guessed it they came by sea. Often as deck cargo restrained by temporary pens exposed to the weather and seas. A modern animal carrier is well equipped with food and water to sustain the valuable animals. Accidents can still defeat the best efforts of crews often from weather and occasionally a delay in tropical climes from mechanical breakdowns. Having been established to eat dry rations for a time before embarking the animals are as well settled and cared for as almost any other animals on farms anywhere.

But no some careful editing of often illegally obtained image footage that has little or none by way of verification is used by malcontents with only ignorance to sustain their warped beliefs to denigrate the entire trade, resulting in the Virtue signalling brigades of Jacindamaniacs rush to judgement to end another valuable income stream of NZ Inc. Of course restraining and harvesting animals for Milk, Meat, Fibre and the other myriad of income creating activity will involve a degree of inconvenience for the said animals natural wish to be free, the trade off coming in the operators desire to protect from the many ills that threaten such beasts in the wild. Flystrike, parasites, ticks and fleas, toxin laden forage, droughts, floods, marauding predators, food supply, health challenges to name a few.

No a bunch of moronic idiots with zero understanding of commerce as it is related to farming animals, pick off one more stream of ever increasingly required wealth creation at a time when every dollar needed increases daily in the essential activity that might allow this once great nation to lead the world, is treated with contempt.

Instead international travel and exciting new frontiers are to be denied and slaughter remaining the only way out here in Godzone. Why didn’t they ask the cattle and sheep, now that might have been kind.

Written by Gravedodger

April 14, 2021 at 1:33 pm

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  1. O’Connor is the monkey, Labour the organ-grinder. Further proof if needed that this government cares nothing about farmers. A virtue signalling policy designed for woke urban luvelies.

    What’s another $70m in lost export receipts anyway?

    Good to see Mark Mitchell on TV give a commitment that National would rescind the ban as a matter of priority.

    The Veteran

    April 14, 2021 at 2:31 pm

  2. Christ that will be a first from National, a promise to do something original rather than just manage it better than Liebour.

    Judith must have heard your criticisms.

    And 52% of the population with an IQ less than the national average voted Liebour to keep the Green Shirts away from the levers of power.

    Well that strategy has worked a treat.

    All you farmers who did that, well tough shit, suck on it, and dont moan I’m not interested.

    If you wanted a protest vote it should have been Act because under MMP that would have worked a treat rather than giving the Party of Liars unbridled power.

    They’ll be after your cattle trucks next as exporting from the farm gate to the works is bad for the animal’s welfare…..


    April 14, 2021 at 3:27 pm

  3. This is a simple extendion of the insane Labour attempt at telling farmers which paddocks they could stock during winter.

    Yes folks, a pack of unionists, teachers and fish & chip executives know how to run such things as economies and farms. Why would they need to listen to the advice of Treasury and farmers?

    John JohnO

    April 14, 2021 at 3:56 pm

  4. This government excels at saying no. It’s easy (PR spin to manage is the only downside) and they’ve had two huge opportunities in the form of the gun grab and Chinese Lung Rot, stay-in-your-homes.

    Unfortunately there’s more to government than placing regulatory barriers in people’s way. There’s building things, creating things, even if it’s only government things, and that’s supposed to be the forte of Left-wing governments. Unfortunately for this government all the low-hanging fruit of public heath and social welfare got done a long time ago, and as we know, they’re utterly incompetent in delivering their modern build promises.

    So “No” it is.

    Tom Hunter

    April 14, 2021 at 4:50 pm

  5. I think most sensible people don’t have a problem with live animal exports as long as conditions for the animals meet the welfare codes. Live sheep exports to the Middle East in the past have arguably not done that and have been unnecessarily cruel. If they now meet the welfare codes and those codes are fit for purpose, banning live animal exports is just PR driven knee-jerk tinkering.


    April 14, 2021 at 11:00 pm

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