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Cripes It’s Dry!

Widespread yes and on top of last year becoming quite serious.

The Melons and their Socialist enablers need to get out more, as if.

Hawkes Bay to North Otago is almost all in moisture deficit and now the normal time for expected relief of Summer Dry, late February early March is rapidly fading as Autumn bites. If it aint irrigated it is dormant.

Last Sunday drove to Hanmer Springs to enjoy the opportunity courtesy of Amuri and Hawarden Waikari Lions to travel around Hossack Station, where my two brothers began their Mustering careers. The dry was quite an impact as most of our recent mileage has been between home and The Rakaia Gorge retreat. Whether travelling across the northern acres of the Rangitata Diversion Race fed Mid Canterbury or the more recent established Central Plains Water Scheme on the Northern side of the Rakaia River the landscape is distractedly Green and productive, The trip north on Sunday far more impacting as to the real state of dry.

Banks Peninsula, our home territory for almost all of the last two decades is particularly badly hit, some describing as driest in memory, and unusually the whole Peninsula is suffering. The vagaries of weather normally sees one side or another less effected this year however it is general and the entire area that too often sufferers devastating rains regularly has not seen a significant rain event in eighteen months.

There has been some surmised connectivity with East Coast NZ Droughts and Drys being relieved following a decent rain event on the NSW Coast, this time the devastating rains that placed the theories of the idiot academic Tim Flannery in serious doubt delivered nothing across The Tasman as that cluster moved North to XXXX country.

One bit of adversity that Ardernearly cannot be held to account for but her continued assault on The Primary Production sector is now suffering the regular troubles The Socialists unthinkingly deliver to make an already often fraught lifestyle more difficult.

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April 15, 2021 at 9:49 am

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  1. Well you can see that in the spot price of electricity too and the amount of coal being burnt to shore up the losses resulting from low lake levels.

    Of course climate is a closed system so the thing is self balancing.

    In Europe they are having one of the coldest springs on record.

    If you enjoy French wine I suggest you stock up. France has just announced that 80-90% of the wine crop has gone west due to last weeks frost.

    Bloody cold in England too.

    Could just be weather but more people die of cold than heat. Just ask the European peasants in the Middle Ages.

    Or Napoleon’s troops on the retreat from Moscow… none of them died of heat exhaustion.


    April 15, 2021 at 11:31 am

  2. Then a century later von Paulus surrendered Stalingrad with “General Winter” returning to Battle Rosco.


    April 15, 2021 at 11:52 am

  3. And I see the northern rape seed crop has been devastated as well.

    And further there is more really bad weather France. They have declared a national emergency.
    Southern France is covered in a pall of smoke pollution as all the farmers are burning wood to try and fight the frost.

    Macron’s popularity falling further. He’s trying to bail out the banks who of course are in trouble due to their loans to the farmers.

    Macron maybe shallower than a bowl full of goldfish, like our Adern, but at least understand the importance of agriculture to the French economy!

    G Dodger, and General Winter won at the gates of Moscow too in 1941, along with a Russian attack.


    April 15, 2021 at 12:46 pm

  4. Very dry here in parts of Marlborough. The East Coast area, Awatere valley, Waihopai valley and parts of the Wairau. The problem is that this is the second year of very dry, and no rainfall in the winter last year so on it goes with some farmers having fed out winter feed already. I am involved to the Rural Support Trust here and we are getting some farmers calling our 0800 number for advice.
    Makes me think back a few years ago when North Canterbury had 3 years of drought and it was only in year 3 that farmers decided to sell down their capital stock as they no longer had funds to buy feed. Perhaps these farmers now need to do that. I know this is a very difficult decision as years of breeding have gone into the Sheep and cattle genetics on these farms and it is a difficult decision to make.
    Many grape crops were well down in tonnage as well, as with dry and a very cold and late spring last year made for a difficult season for these businesses. One grower told me their yields were down at least 40% and some crops were not worth putting the harvesters in.


    April 15, 2021 at 5:28 pm

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