No Minister


Or not?

The border associated person, only exposed when Chris Bishop managed to circumvent Liz Craigs valiant efforts to prevent it, apparently may have mislead his superiors over his status re testing and is allegedly called a liar by the architect of an open transparent administration claiming a monopoly on “Kindness”.

There are clear instances of Arden herself along with Robertson, Hopkins, Woods, Nash, in fact almost every apparatchik of her coterie of numpties being extremely casual around facts, often resorted to as “I refute that assumption”.

Very sorry madam prime minister, a growing minority accept that all avoidance of provable fact are quite simply LYING, no if’s, no buts, not even maybe.
When people have to claim honesty it is highly likely they are lying, the old “ He/She who excuses themselves accuses themselves” meme becomes apparent!

Written by Gravedodger

April 15, 2021 at 7:29 am

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