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Trevor Mallard in a rare departure to his default position to hose down any serious holding of the worst administration in New Zealand’s short history, to account, finally made one small step that could be a “road to the now Syrian Capital self discovery” when he took the blatant obfuscation and delaying tactics of Health Committee Chair Liz “Dr” (medical) Craig MP to task as beyond the norms of Select Committee giving Opposition MPs an opportunity to question the Crats. A resulting quite truncated questioning that quickly exposed a tissue of false assessment of the border security effort long and increasingly revealed as a total cluster that sees a daily incident of The Rona getting ashore after crossing the twelve hundred mile wide Moat.

As a stopped clock is actually correct twice in every twenty four hours, I do not see this apparition as a forerunner to any lowering of the tight tactical obstruction that Mallard himself is so quick and deft in executing when his Fairy Queen gets close to getting mud on her glass slippers.

Maybe those trying in vain to get lipstick on their orcine animal to look halfway competent could consider getting the Crusaders coaching staff to advise on defense as the rabble who get relentlessly exposed every day need some better defensive moves.

Written by Gravedodger

April 16, 2021 at 8:18 am

Posted in New Zealand

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  1. A few extra questions in the speaker-controlled house is crumbs compared to being able to hold government officials’ feet to the fire in select committee. But it’s something.

    How despicable is Liz Craig? She sees protecting the government’s reputation as more important that improving the MIQ Testing and Vaccination program and therefore protecting Kiwis’ health and jobs.

    “Kindness”, eh?

    John JohnO

    April 16, 2021 at 9:27 am

  2. Look the Wanker from Wainuiomata has absolutely no respect for taxpayers money when it comes to Parliamentary slides and funding his legal costs.

    After all he had to bend over and take Helen’s 12 inch strapon on numerous occasions, so Trev just sees it as his entitlement to spend a little cash after such a long period of service.

    As for a bit of verbal with a parliamentary employee, well after all, beneath it all Trev is just a cunt.

    But in no way is he going to let a junior “bitch” from the back benches get one over him! He’s the boss, he sets the rules and no one but no one will make him look like a fool.

    After all he has to front the Parliamentary rugby team, and imagine the shit he would have to take for letting a back bench bitch best him.

    After all Trev has to look to the future now, there is a nighthood (or is that knighthood ?) lurking for services to the Labour Party

    Really, does he want his name dragged through the mud for a scurrilous, mendacious, petty attack on democracy in NZ from a no name back bencher.

    Besides he received a txt from his wife (still married I assume) who writes for the Lustner as an “impartial” political commentator, and the last thing she wants is her “impartial” name dragged through the mud.

    And Trev with a history of submissiveness caved…….

    I’m sure Wayne will see it another way as he has been totally silent on this major attack on Democracy in this country..probably as it hasn’t been mentioned in the MSM.

    What the fuck is the use of 3 law degrees if you dont have any balls…

    Any how thats my theory for the night….???

    Ah Ha…… the Thai Pork stir fry beckons from Hello Fresh, washed down with a Cote de Rhone (before it all disappears!!)


    April 16, 2021 at 7:34 pm

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