No Minister


With apologies to Stu Dennison c1970s.

Some advice for Stuart Nash ex police Minister now apparently managing life support for the now crashed Tourism industry, “Remain silent and have your sanity in doubt, rather than speak and confirm totally the fact you have no comprehension.

The woke Police minister who managed to convey the meme that government support for the people carrying out tasks almost all would avoid, only consisted of political management and embracing the thin Blue Line as a support cadre fo government , is now treading a similar destructive path through an industry that eighteen months ago provided a considerable portion of the nations income stream.

Total over reaction and mismanaged policy that focussed on economic destruction to maintain the health of the Nation in very questionable actions in the face of the Wuflu left almost the entire once booming industry a pile of dust, Now in a series of justification moves the inept little distant relative to a former Prime Minister whose own place in history has not fared well over time, having given up the youthful appearance of a dark haired younger man has now allowed the ravages of aging to surface revealing a very pale stale male is stridently prepared to attempt to place lipstick on the Pig that is now in a smoking ruin at every turn.

Very soon after his new mount was walked out of the stable he came up with a very sad little comment he was going to address the Freedom Camping laws to move mainly youthful Europeans, travelling in station wagons and panel vans off the stage and replace them with high end wealthier tourists. Young people who incidentally were only too keen to augment their expenses by undertaking a considerable amount of casual labour around hospitality and primary production.

Here is a little bit of news Stu, Those high end rich pricks will never be anywhere near a little van or wagon, they like a room with a view someone to make up the room and provide the food and drink on demand. Also they have no inclination to discover the real productive Nation picking fruit or pouring those drinks while rubbing shoulders with the peasants.

Written by Gravedodger

April 17, 2021 at 10:25 am

Posted in New Zealand

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