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Weeks of criticism of National leader in spite of baseless conjecture over her legitimacy, for a manufactured largely by a sycophantic biased MSM financially supported in a brazen bribery assault of millions of taxpayer dollars all the while ignoring a headlong rush increasing unabated to the creation of a seperate state within the nation of a favoured bunch of people on the basis of actual but not excluding assumed racial divisions is moronic. That favoured group are encompassed by a nonsensical assumption and all called “Maori”. Biologically that rather omnipotent status as a favoured race is accorded without reference to actual biological rules that govern all species. The ‘you have to just feel like a Maori’ palaver is less subjective than The Nuremberg laws tjat classified Jews as non citizens during the awful Nazi rampage or the equally arbitrary Race laws that underpinned the Boors in South Africa but they are similarly offensive to many thinking New Zealand citizens.

Now it is accepted that the occupiers of New Zealand at the time of European arrivals had themselves come from from off shore by sea, sheesh the miracle of navigation for the polynesians was far more by accident than design, we will never know how many other canoes missed the small target in the vast expance of The Pacific but that would be unacceptable as the nation is fed loads of bullshit about Maori Science, they never even cottoned onto a wheel to move stuff. No need when Slaves were readily available in a weaker tribe nearby. That series of discovery and search for very basic harvesting of seals and whales began as a trickle and with nature along with Darwin interventions the genetic diminishing of Maori began. By the time I became aware almost three quarters of a century ago speculation of the existence of full blooded Maori was common was of any relevance caame with racial divisions surrounding seperate maori representation in the Parliament. A total anomaly long passed any use by date that was to be consigned where it belonged to history when the Nation embarked on MMP.The major South Island tribe Ngai Tahu were already well removed from any classical maori race with eye colour, hair colour and racial features already somewhat diluted on casual observation. One of my Mother’s closest friends in our little village, Molly, was no more than a dark complexioned woman married to a rather european featured man. Molly’s Dad however, ironically looking back, a Mr White, exhibited much more indicative polynesian features, traits that in varying degrees waxed and waned in subsequent generations. To us skinny white kids their racial origins were of complete zero reference they were all just others of “Us”.

After half of my time on earth dealing with a racial cauldron that was controlled by a more aware and powerful race from Europe, employing racial divisions to negate Majority rule in South Africa. Now the intellectuals and socialist dogma dominated self aggrandising elites who seem hell bent on repeating that failed divisive social fabric for New Zealand will only succeed in destroying this great little Nation.

Get off the grass and get with the reality, as a very small nation we must be one people, sure we can hold various beliefs and creeds, we can be subjected to variable descriptives related to our genetic makeup, we can succeed and or fail in endeavour, we can work hard and save or sit around on a freakin couch but we are in the Boat going forward. If we allow or encourage racial separatism based on nothing greater than political advantaging, the bloody boat will eventually sink merely because no one will accept the water coming aboard must be removed or dear old Archy you know that greek character who leapt out of his bath all those years ago and rushed into the street shrieking “I have found it”, will prevail and we are all doomed including the duplicitous Political animals currently in The Big house. I am one of almost as far as I know entirely from Scottish heritage dominated by Celtic bloodlines, I carry a mark of that fact with a left ring finger now disfigured by Dupuytren’s almost exclusively carried in The Celt people. That stated, as I have alluded to previously, in the early 1990s while completing another census form I crossed out the race based origin options and wrote “I am a native born New Zealander only to discover the “Privacy” BS of no information collected by Statistics NZ never being disclosed to any other party was just one more LIE by Government when later Sir Paul Reeves ex Gov Gen wrote to me offering assistance in finding my Iwi and Tribal affiliations, including as bait (sic) possible allied Fishing quota allocations? What degree of Maoi am I wirth “fair hair(historical), blue eyes, freckled pate. Who knows such racial decisions however tenuous may have me conflicted when we become an apartheid state. Did I mention dear old Doc Withers the attending physician ( the only one within hundreds of miles stole a little bit of me and never divulged what he did with it, something that could have been prejudicial with serious consequences then pertaining in Germany.

To inanely call Ms Collins entirely legitimately questioning advancement of Racial Divisions as “Racist while ignoring the other elephants in the small room is nothing more than dereliction of a once established duty that the fourth estate abdicated from decades ago. Cancel Culture is a weaponised attack by a moronic bunch of nobodies who will never amount to anything more than a pile of excrement, the origins of which will not matter.

There is a rather depressing Roll of Dishonour growing over this very serious setback for New Zealand and right up there stands Kelvin Davis MP, still entitled to be The Honourable when his lead in the plunge to acrimony for Judith Collins was anything but.

Written by Gravedodger

May 2, 2021 at 11:34 am

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  1. Well spoken, Sir.


    May 2, 2021 at 2:37 pm

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