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A fire storm breaks out over the pronunciation of Rangiora in a radio advertising jingle and the trough dwellers at the advertising standards authority light up cigars and break out the bubbly in upholding some minion claiming “Offense”.

Now we must accept that there will be a concerted campaign to make similar improvements to the bastardisation of english to assist Maori to respect their language when it is a shifting sands area as to who might be Maori. Of course an unaltered inheritance based hierarchy in tribal matters that sees a woman of Maori descent elevated to the position of almost absolute authority in NZ international relations making a keynote speech on Chinese treatment of a minority people introducing a fairytale notion of a mythical figure from historic legend as a contra to the much more realistic Chinese Dragon imagery. How long before EH BRO no longer intrudes then there is a rather prominent personage who sits at the very top table who transposes ds and ts coming out with a grating “poverdy, She must also be given assistance in her made up words such as jepradise. Totally in keeping I suppose when discussing a very limited native language that has new words, phrases made up as needed and changing pronouncing in an ongoing renewal.

Or more correctly will New Zealand see the termination of all the palaver that creates endless troups of Crats inhabiting worthless government non jobs in wimmins affairs, race relations, welfare extensions tto continue a charade of non delivery of core business.

Do “Tui” billboards remain as part of the New Zealand culture?

Written by Gravedodger

May 8, 2021 at 8:05 am

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  1. Problem may well arise with new Maori everything as all Council meetings and submissions, plus New medical diagnosis (from Maori only Doctors, Nurses, and other special Maori professionals) work will be conducted in Maori, who creates and translates, if required, the English translation both written and verbal.
    Remember the Treaty of Waitangi was written originally on English but has subsequently had Maori versions – which all differ in translation and interpretations, so will all Council work be in Maori with English translations for the 98% who can only read one language (except Mandarin, Cantonese, Indian, French, Spanish or even Latin)

    Papa Mike

    May 8, 2021 at 4:05 pm

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