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They played well enough but while opposed by only thirteen Crusaders they still conceded points.

Is Scott Robertson the best coach or not. The commentariat just revel in quoting the penalty count when it is often a very thin line of interpretation that decides who gets penalised, Any dominant scrum will possibly also infringe when they create mayhem in an engagement so it can just become a total lottery.

The comments on Stuffs analysis today, some are claiming here should have been a Red card when a committed Cody Taylor took Damian McKenzie’s legs while going after an overthrown Lineout serve by The Chiefs, there appeared to be zero intent but then when Sevu Reece joined Taylor as a spectator five minutes later it could have been reasonably expected that the loss of two should have benefited the visitors. Alas it was the home team that scored points. A clear example of the ability for one person, a referee who maybe unable to suppress the natural instinct to see one team bad and the other not so much to influence a game. A very palpable outcome that sees the Warriors in the ARL regularly judged more harshly sometimes resulting in a total rubbish apology days later when the NZ team have been left two points adrift and the referee boss actually admits another failure.

Of course any aficionado of rugby might well wonder why indiscretions by the visitors went unpunished or worse merely ignored while a frame by frame of a vertically challenged Reece attempting to constrain the Ball was yellow carded. The try saving tackle by Jordan in preventing a try by Lowe for the chiefs was a total nonsense, Tackling from behind merely going for Lowes legs might as well have just waved a white flag . Unless the ball was attacked as well it was a try saver and talk of a penalty try with its automatic seven points when the try scorer was almost in touch has a desperation about it.

Dont get too exercised people it was a final and if the only hope The Chiefs had was to play fewer players or have a less than fair referee interpret things that are very different when viewed frame by frame instead of the in the heat of contact, it all becomes rather artificIal and with big money at risk in gambling and two teams equally wanting to win along with thousands at the ground and many thousands more paying to view one man making the difference needs to be diluted as far as possible.

Five consecutive titles on end suggests that it is not all about anything other than a great coach and a wonderful team. Sheesh even the “Break Dancing is title class.

Having adopted the Goal line drop out and the other regs adopted from the other oval ball game, is it time to allow two complete teams to compete and leave possible foul play infringements to be decided in the calm of a Judicial hearing next week.

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May 9, 2021 at 5:28 pm

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