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Self proclaimed most transparent and honest ever, intent on raising wellbeing and kindness as base foundation blocks, The Ardern coalition of fools and now ruling with all the arrogance that accumulates for a one party rule. No need for consensus , consulting everyone not merely their “friends”, and it still obtains polling that supports the charade.

A creeping Maorification at all levels and centers of government, never a part of any election mandate as never divulged before polling that was dominated to an unprecedented degree by months of publicity solely open to only the Government, more factually the leader who enjoyed a dream ride of total absence of any questioning apart from a very minor offering to Bridges as chair of a half arsed committee that had great difficulty in accessing truth and background to a propaganda assault that any dictator would have been proud of.

Now back to the inclusivity assumed by an administration intent on wellbeing and kindness. The Minister allegedly in charge of the single productive sector that has sustained a semblance of ongoing backstopping an economy that was in fact largely sustained by printing over a billion dollars much of which was spent on maintaining a charade of business success, agriculture and horticulture, stuff reports he put his boot into a clinging on by its collective fingertips, Tourism, for being “TOO COCKY”. Aint that soooo rich?

Yes there were cases where operators in Tourism were open to such a charge, however that descriptive surely results from Promotion along the lines of advertising. Sadly just as in the midst of the Cluster that emerged during “THe Lockdown” that saw monolithic business empires given sole rights to trade while the Little people were forced to remain shut and liquidate their substantial losses that has seen almost totally unreported tragic suicides resulting, O’Connor has embarked on an anything but kind or well being including kicking for a whole industry that has not been set back but almost firebombed by state over reaction in border closures.

I am possibly better equipped to get a reasonable handle on domestic tourism than most as we travel over many Kms and random locations observing “domestic Tourism close up. Watching the truly desperate state of play for many operators who will never see any of the largess handed willy nilly to big players, they are now classified as “Too Cocky” by a Minister of the Crown. Would they like fries and kind with that I wonder.

Just as the trend to referring to an amorphous and almost impossible to be accurate about Maori it is just as doubtful in referencing an entire industry that has been destroyed in short time by the clown show currently clearly believing they are governing. Tourism is a cover title for so many facets some very small, vulnerable and almost all in danger of sliding beneath the waves of incompetence.

You are just one more example of the total Cluster that is destroying a Nation and you have the gall to call out others as being “Cocky “, arrogantly totally missing the point, Damie.

Written by Gravedodger

May 10, 2021 at 1:27 pm

Posted in New Zealand

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