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Sliding through Kiwiblog I become aware that it is suggested, the upcoming “Budget” being prepared for delivery to the Board of NZ Inc, in some gesture to wokism, will be a “ka waiho hei maori”

Immediately the auto erecting and tuning, bullshit detector swings into operation.

If this is indeed an actual announcement from the son of a dodgy accountant who had trouble explaining a discrepancy around an Otago Law Firm and a missing $100 000 around thirty years ago now is suggesting the Budget 2021 will be a Maori one.

Now Grunter himself has little difficulty in declaring a barefaced lie on National Television amply portrayed during a fluff piece to imply his innate ‘blokeness” by a news crew filming him at a rugby club bar apparently surrounded by real blokes and when Robbo was quizzed as to if his “Partner” Alf was present tonight, teflon man stared down the TV camera and emphatically declared; “No he is at home tonight”. Sadly for dear old Grunter that was exposed contemporaneously when the aforementioned “Alf Kaiwai” strolled through Camera shot carrying a jug of beer, LoL.

Back to the nonsensical idea a Budget involving hundreds of billions of monopoly money now masquerading as the guts of the New Zealand economy can be descriptively encapsulated in the stone age language of a people who never got around to actually writing anything down, is it quite humorous really as it must contain with a degree of certainty numbers with almost as many noughts as there are stars being seen by a badly concussed footy player, maybe one of those used as a prop for dear old grunter’s faux pa (plural, nah many)

Written by Gravedodger

May 11, 2021 at 5:16 pm

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