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With their Supreme Court giving the green light to Fiame Naomi Maatafa, head of the FAST (Faith in the One True God) Party, to form a new government ending four decades of rule by the HRP (Human Rights Protection) Party. It will be a test of the countries political maturity having a female Prime Minister in a patriarchal society especially given that the HRPP polled 55.38% of the vote against 36.5% for the FAST Party.

The fact that FAST won a majority of the seats (including the one Independent MP who sided with them) was due to the electoral quirk that saw the HRPP stand multiple candidates in many constituencies, (supposedly providing a certain freedom of choice) which allowed the FAST Party candidate to come through the middle.

Clearly the HRPP saw themselves as invincible and governing as of right with the Prime Minister describing himself as ‘appointed by God’. Clearly that arrogance led to their electoral downfall exacerbated by a general mood of dissatisfaction that the HRPP was too heavily influenced by the ‘elites’ and tolerated a degree of corruption.

Fiame Maatafa. daughter of Samoa’s first Prime Minister, was the Deputy Prime Minister when she split from the HRPP last year after opposing changes to the countries constitution and judicial system which would have placed further power in the hands of the Executive.

One suspects she will have her work cut out with only a single seat majority in Parliament. The HRPP is down but by no means out and won’t make life easy for her. But she is one tough lady with a pedigree of service to Samoa. I wish her well.

For the record both the Vet and Mrs Vet have had a long association with Samoa. Laupepa Malietoa, son of Samoa’s paramount chief, was a classmate of mine at Portsea Officer Cadet School in Australia and was a groomsman at our wedding in Terendak, Malaysia. We have visited the country often and were on the last plane out of Samoa before the lock-down last March.

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May 19, 2021 at 2:09 pm

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  1. So Samoa has a new Govt.

    I see one of their fist actions was to cancel the China funded port estimated to cost $100m

    On another note I see Australia is to invest a huge amount of money strengthening and extending 5 airports in the Northern Territory close to the Chia Sea over the next 6-7 years

    Furthermore they are to conduct exercises up there with India and Japan, along with the US and a couple of other countries.

    And on top of this Australia obliquely mentioned the reasons for this, clearly you wouldn’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise that freedom loving states didn’t include China.

    Funny we weren’t invited as we are on the wrong side of history I guess.


    May 23, 2021 at 10:49 pm

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