So Peter Goodfellow is rich and wonderful and after two successive failures to get National even close to the treasury benches in the Big House he remains the top dog of the National Party. The holder of the nominally fourth most empowered position in NZ unwritten constitutional structure behind the Gov Gen, the head of government PM, the Chief Justice who stands in for the Gov Gen when absent The speaker of the house who historically was to speak for the parliament to the monarch is now in reality merely the Chairperson for the assembly Inexplicably holds the pivotal protectionist position where he protects the most inept administration ever that makes Noddy of Blyton fame look competent.

Any president of National who oversaw any lost general election and wished to remain President would be in a dire place indeed. Is Mr Goody is indeed a special needs one as after two failures he remains.

Farrar has posted at Kiwiblog some thoughts on the actions proposed in response to Goody’s second failure that totally eclipsed his party in the shambolic electoral rarity of MMP delivering a clear majority to one party and it weren’t national!
I have not done an indepth study of the KB post but a quick scan sees no mention of serious tactical nous from the party hierarchy, yet it does seem rather obvious that therein lies some of the failure.

John Key was often given an image as a teflon man in a weaponised attack on him, Goody must have a well oiled brand new teflon coating or have the party leaders just become a nothing bunch of losers living in a woke world where all get a prize and there are no winners.








  1. The Veteran Avatar
    The Veteran

    GD … I have read DSF’s post and will be attending the SGM. The proposed changes appear sensible to me including the proposal to co-opt Board Members for their expertise as presentng the opportunity to cover off the deficiencies identified in your penultimate paragraph,

    As for Goodfellow and we’re on the same page. That fact that delegates to the NP Conference ranked him third out of four when he stood for re-election to the Board last year sez it all. The fact that he was appointed in secret conclave by the Board sez as much about the Board as it does him. I support the proposal that delegates to National Conference should elect their President.

    But all that aside and the reality is that very few know or care about Party governing bodies. The caucus is where the action is. The job of the Board is to help facilitate a functioning caucus including keeping it on the straight and narrow. That’s how I see it anyway.

  2. Gravedodger Avatar

    My critique on Goodfellow remaining is a direct result of the performance of the Party in Nationals electoral “success”, incidentally I have similar attitudes to Foster as All Black Coach but that is mollified by Razor being able to continue his great work at the Crusaders. Goodfellows continued occupation of the President’s role is a degree or two more serious. That most have little regard for the internal managerial and governance functions does not diminish the gravity, that said I have little argument with what Farrar said and you see as positive
    Thanx for the comment Vet

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