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When he said in the House the other day that gangs were out of control under Labour. He was referring to the fact that gang membership has increased 50% since Ardern took office from 5,343 to 8,006. And now the revelation that in this years budget Vote Police fell by $90m including a reduction of $63m in road policing, $4.5m in investigations and $5.5m in primary response (when you ring up to complain that your home has been burgled). That’s on top of the freeze in police salaries and police morale going south..

Labour’s soft cock approach to gangs was none better illustrated than by this photograph of the Mongrel Mob taking over a State Highway in the Hawkes Bay for the funeral procession following the tangi of a high ranking gang member.

Motor bikes/vehicles covering the whole road and note the vehicle traveling in the opposite direction forced over onto the berm.

And the response from Stuart Nash, local member and one time Police Minister … arresting them ain’t the answer, we need alternative strategies.

Clearly Labour’s alternative strategy is based on one law for gangs and another law for the rest of us. Soft cock indeed.

Written by The Veteran

May 26, 2021 at 12:05 pm

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  1. Labour’s own version of defunding the police. It will end in tears.
    If crime gets bad enough in the next two years, Labour will be in trouble.
    There are people in National with the skills to make this a big issue, and I am sure they will build momentum on this issue. Simeon is starting it.


    May 26, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    • I would have thought so too, Wayne. However, it would seem not as the country is still largely infatuated with Jacinda, frowny/smiley/nodding/hand waving is what the masses want.

      That the country is nose diving into never seen before debt at the same time as increasing spending across the board matters not.

      We’re well into a second term where the Minister and the politically appointed and wetter than Westport Police Commissioner’s approach to dealing with gangs acting outside their remit is to send along a couple of plods to assist them.

      John JohnO

      May 26, 2021 at 3:48 pm

  2. Once upon a time in faraway land where the rulers and their enforcement agents had respect and gravitas. Any semblance of a threat to kill, let alone any threat to an MP of any ilk such as The Gangster delivered to Simeon Brown would have had all stops pulled to find the perp/s and deliver serious judicial sanction.
    Apparently they actually only kill competing Gangsters so it’s all right. Now would it be too great a stretch to consider the Gangs consider National as an opposing “gang”, in which case the threat is hardly idle or mere bluff. Intolerable comes to my mind, perhaps “Wayne” might enlighten us, he has the high level understanding of an ex politician to assist him as to how such matters are seen in high places.
    As a mere plebeian it occurs to me the anti terrorism people should investigate this as it is pretty adjacent to insurrectionist. Well and truly beyond such minor matters as closing highways or causing a motorist to vacate their lane temporarily to allow a funeral (sorry Tangi) cortege to pass. Perhaps calling last rights in te reo makes a difference already, Thanks a bunch Claire Charters (Pfft, sorry again, that was PhD)


    May 26, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    • I am concerned at the apparent lack of action. I get the impression, as The Veteran says, that the police are actively reducing their emphasis on the gangs. The gangs are committing a huge amount of violent crime, they have taken over whole communities and can now maker threats with seemingly impunity.
      The huge reduction in prisoner numbers (2,000 already) will involve hundreds of gang members. Many will have been released way early, even though they will have committed violent crimes. Probably everyone with a conviction for aggravated assault or less will have been released early. So the message to the gangs is they can act with relatively impunity.
      National needs to really get active on this. Loads of written PQ’s to Kelvin Davis about his actions and directions to Corrections. There will be some hugely embarrassing answers.


      May 26, 2021 at 6:28 pm

  3. Unless the gangs start really inflicting serious violence on ordinary members of the public, like at least once a week, I don’t think the public will move with National on getting tougher on the gangs, especially since you won’t have the MSM in your corner on this.

    Sure, the MSM love horrific stories, but if it’s inflicted by a gang member it’s pretty much dog-bites-man, not to mention the pearl-neckless-clutching that will occur if the word “Maori” is mentioned. And of course if it’s gang-on-gang action then the MSM will care about as much as the public does.

    Oh, and avoid going to the Hawkes Bay. You never know when you’ll get sucker-punched in a pub: apparently all my kids friends have passed the word, but I’ve told them that the Taupo, Queenstown, and Tauranga areas, or for that matter the Auckland Viaduct, are only a bit better, judging from what I’ve seen recently in all four places. My eldest son observed his first person openly pissing in public in the downtown CBD the other day so perhaps Auckland is slowly heading down the track of its Pacific RIm neighbour, San Francisco.

    This is about more than just gangs.

    BTW, the prisoner release policy is very much in tune with what big city DA’s are doing in Chicago, SF, LA and other Democrat-controlled places, so this is not an isolated idea.

    Tom Hunter

    May 26, 2021 at 6:43 pm

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