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A regime intent on reducing the prison muster by gaining the judiciary to bend more and more towards reducing imprisonment as a sentence for convicted criminals. In the face of suggestions from ex Act MP and instigator of three strikes law that actually increases the sentence for intractable repeat offenders on what a criminal must actually do by way of very bad things to face incarceration. An average “client” of corrections has on average, forty six convictions.

That regime has also installed as the head of crime policing and investigation a very useful idiot in the form of Andy :The Imposter” Coster, who in succeeding an increasingly puppetised if not politicised Commissioner Mike Bush. If anyone considered a slightly chilling threat in support of the now revealed as dodgy weeks of lockdown after Ardernearly panicked when confronted with the less than ideal loss of her Islamic hugfest on the anniversary of Tarrants murder spree on March 15th 2019, as that date became overcome by the spreading infection threat of The Rona. Since then first under the slow demise of Bush subsequently with “Imposter” Coster in the chair New Zealand has seen a tsunami of group lawlessness. It seems the thin blue line has become increasingly submerged as a crime fighting force. Apart from remote traffic policing by way of speed traps and cameras as that is still on full charge.

Just in the last week NZ has been witness to two further examples of apparent avoidance or at a minimum outright refusal to confront mass law breaking. Last week a funeral for a long standing leader of a criminal gang died and his last rights involved a closure of a primary education facility for two days as a host venue then a cortege along the main southern access for Hastings, State Highway II, almost closing it for opposing traffic and attended by clear evidence of many accompanying traffic law violations. It is suggested Hawkes Bay Police not only ignored the many criminal acts but may have been complicit in enabling them.

The second mass law breaking occurred over the weekend when aberrant socialists and Greens including some sworn to uphold the laws of Her Majesty Elizabeth II as Members of the Government in total disregard for National laws and local body edicts rode bicycles over the SH1 Auckland Harbour Bridge causing serious disruption to motorised vehicular use. Unless something has changed dramatically or I am further out of sync than I had believed, Is pedestrian use and bicycling prohibited on Motorways?

So where will Andy “The Imposter” make a stand on the wave of nose thumbing from miscreants intent on acting enmass. A quick scan of posts from my colleague Tom Hunter on the shambolic breakdown of the Law by Antifa and BLM in creating bloodletting and outright murdering on the streets and hoods of dysfunctioning Democrat run cities in the US should be more that a little bit concerned as Giuliani’s ‘Broken windows’ amply demonstrated small time crooks soon migrate to more advanced status.

Would it be impudent to place any connections with the attempted disarming of lawful weapon owners to be a bystander and increasing open disregard for the Law.

Written by Gravedodger

May 31, 2021 at 10:00 am

Posted in New Zealand

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